Sewing 101 For Beginners

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Have you always wanted to learn to sew? This list of sewing skills and sewing tools is basic sewing 101 for beginners to get you started!

These are many of the sewing 101 basics you will need to start sewing clothing, home goods, and bags. You’ll learn about different sewing techniques, sewing tips, and sewing tricks to be learn to sew and to sew well.

With these sewing 101 tutorials you’ll learn how to sew clothes and basic sewing stitches.

These sewing basics are really geared towards apparel sewing, but lots of these techniques are used in all sewing crafts and practices. You’ll also learn about zippers, hemming, finishes seams, and much more!

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Learning to sew is like learning to color. At first they tell you to color in the lines. It’s not because they don’t want you to break the rules. You need to learn to color in the lines to learn how to control your crayon.

Learn these basic sewing 101 rules not because you can’t break the rules, but you need to learn what rules you can break and what sewing rules make all the difference in a project.

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I love sewing and teaching others how to sew. Sewing is a skill that needs motivation, but I believe anyone can sew if they just try and keep trying.

Once you learn to sew it can be so empowering for you in all parts of your life. I remember teaching someone how to insert a sleeve for the first time. She felt so confident and capable!

Use these sewing skills and tools to master your sewing machine and learn how to sew your own clothing that makes you feel confident and capable.

Sewing 101 For Beginners

colors and sizes of needles

Basics of Sewing Machine Needles

The right sewing machine needle can make or ruin your sewing project! Do you know all the parts, sizes, and different kinds of sewing machine needles?

Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

Compare these machines to find the best sewing machine for beginners. These are all great sewing machines for starting out!

best sewing tools

My Favorite Sewing Tools

I love sewing and saving money. With every hobby comes items that you need. These are my top sewing tools that are perfect for beginner sewing!

How to Start Sewing Clothing + Free Sewing Practice Sheets //

Learn How to Sew + FREE Sewing Practice Sheets

Learn how to sew with free downloadable sewing practice sheets. Practice those curves, straight lines, corners, and turns.

stitch in the ditch

How to Stitch in the Ditch

Learn how to stitch in the ditch to create an almost invisible stitch while sewing! This is great for cuffs, waistbands, and facings!

edgestitch and topstitch

Edgestitching vs Topstitching

Learn how to edgestitch and how to topstitch and what the difference is between the two sewing stitches! They are often mixed up!

how to understitch

How to Understitch

Learn how to understitch to make your handmade clothing look better and last longer. The lining or facing will never peak out again!

how to sew curves

How to Sew Curves: Clipping vs Notching

Learn how to sew curves to make them look good and why clipping and notching are important on the inside of the fabric and garment.

how to sew knit fabric

How to Sew Knits: Tips for Sewing Knit Fabric

Learn how to sew knit fabric with these sewing tip, tricks, and techniques. Sewing stretchy fabric can be easy and fun!

darts sewing

How to Sew Darts

Learn how to sew darts to make nicely fitting garments. Sewing darts is a great skill to help you sew sewing patterns!

How to Sew a Zipper //

How to Sew a Zipper

Learn how to sew a zipper to put in any bag or pouch. This lined tutorial looks really great and is a beginner sewing project! Sewing often requires fasteners and closures.

How to Sew an Invisible Zipper without an Invisible Zipper Foot //

How To Sew an Invisible Zipper without an Invisible Zipper Foot

Learn how to sew an invisible zipper without an invisible zipper foot. It makes sewing invisible zippers easy and professional! I love the look of invisible zippers.

How to Hem: 7 Ways to Hem //

How to Hem: Ways to Hem

Learn how to hem with these seven different ways to hem. Each one is a different function for different fabric and applications!

how to finish a seam

How to Finish a Seam: Seam Finishes

Learn how to finish a seam and when to use it with one of these 9 seam finishes. There are different seam finishes for knit and woven fabric. Sewing can be enjoyable and relaxing unless your sewing projects unravel and fray after you finish!

scissors and fabric

How to Grade Seams: Trimming vs Grading

Learn how to grade seams by either trimming vs grading. It reduces bulk inside enclosed seams for a professional look. Trimming and grading seams are different but equally important basic sewing skills.

all about interfacing

Why and How to Use Interfacing

Learn all about interfacing and how to use it. It’s so important for the inside of clothing and bags, and it gives strength and stability.

How to Gather Fabric and Comparing Gathering Ratios //

How to Gather Fabric and Comparing Gathering Ratios

Learn how to gather fabric three different ways and when to use each one. Gathering is tricky but an important sewing technique to know.

how to use a seam ripper

How to Use a Seam Ripper: 3 Ways to Open a Seam

Learn how to use a seam ripper correctly, and how to open a seam three different ways. A seam ripper is always needed in the sewing room!

best seam ripper

The Best Seam Ripper: Comparing Different Seam Rippers

Learn how to use a seam ripper and which one is the best seam ripper. I compared seven different seam rippers to find the best one.

sewing and saving money

Ways to Sew and Save Money

Sewing can be an expensive hobby, but you can also sew and save money and sew to save money. I might not always be cheaper than fast fashion at big box stores, but it’s a sustainable way of sewing.

how to sew on a patch

How to Sew on a Patch

Learn how to sew on a patch three different ways! See examples of sewing a patch onto a backpack, jeans, and a pouch.

how to sew vinyl with tape on foot

How to Sew Vinyl

Learn how to cut vinyl and how to sew vinyl the easy way. Vinyl is a unique fabric and you can sew it with your home sewing machine.

lace fabric

How to Sew Lace

Learn all about how to sew lace to make beautiful handmade clothing. These sewing tips work for sewing and altering lace dresses. Lace is such a beautiful fabric, and there are so many beautiful lace fabrics to buy and sew.

sew around shape

How to Sew Felt

Learn how to cut felt and how to sew felt the easy way. Felt is a beginner sewing fabric, it’s perfect for kids, and it makes a good applique.

If you learn something new with these skills of sewing 101 for beginners, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

heather sewing

I believe small sewing moments can create great joy. Find your own “right” way to sew. -Heather

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I love receiving all of your helpful tips and hints….they come in so handy when you’re getting old you tend to forget….but you always help me remember with all of your thoughtful aids. Thank you so much!

Would you consider giving a tutorial on making a hatband? My husband is an entertainer and wears a trilby daily to his shows. I would like to make interchangeable hat bands to coordinate with his clothing.