My name is Heather, and I’m a wife, mother, and a seamstress. I love to and share that love with you. I make lots free sewing patterns, I teach you how to sew, and I’m a self-proclaimed fabric fondler.

I started this blog years ago, and it was first called Feathers Flights {a creative sewing blog} so that I could write about all my creative “flights”. I made all sorts of crafts and sewing projects.

I have since changed the name to Heather Handmade to align with my desire to make everything with my hands. It wanted it to open my possibilites, but it actually helped me narrow my blog down to sewing projects and free sewing patterns.

heather handmade sewing blog

I currently live in Utah with my husband, three children, and dog. I studied clothing construction in college while working at a tailor shop so I was able to learn a lot about sewing before you start and altering something after you finish.

Then I sewed a lot of clothes for myself and my first child, and I made a lot of mistakes. I wish I could have told myself these tips before I started sewing so much. I learned from my mistakes, and I’ve improved over the years. I was sewing while my husband was still in school, so I did a lot of refashioning and upcycling to save money.

I love sewing for myself, my kids, my dog, and occasionally my husband. Sewing gives me something different everyday that can’t be undone. I’m currently working on a minimalist and handmade wardrobe along with upcycled sewing patterns and free sewing patterns.

heather handmade

I go into a lot more details about how I learned to sew and my sewing journey in this video. My sewing experience has been unique since I do all kids of sewing, so I hope I can teach you something with all of the sewing tutorials and sewing projects I share!

Bloggers and website may not repost my blog content without my permission. My tutorials, words, and photos belong to me and are my intellectual property.

I’ve spent countless hours creating these projects. Please be respectful. HOWEVER, linking to my project is encouraged! Those who link to a project of mine can use one photo.

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What sewing machine do you use?

My sewing machine is a Bernina-Aurora 430. It’s the machine I used during college and when they sold the used ones for a discount price, I snagged one for myself. I use this machine at least an hour a day if not more, and it has never given me any problems.

There are some quilting features on it that I don’t use, but I have loved this faithful machine. I’m pretty sure I can use this one my whole life and probably pass it down to my kids.

bernina aurora 430 sewing machine review