Learn How to Sew: Beginners Guide to Getting Started

Have you always wanted to sew, but didn’t know where to start? Learn how to sew with this free course so you can build confidence and feel creative and happy!

Do you want to make something useful and pretty with your own hands?

Do you love the spark of creativity when you think up a project in your head?

Have you always wanted to sew? You love touching fabrics and dream of wearing them or having them in your home.

Sewing is an empowering art that can build confidence and help you feel creative and happy. I love to sew, and I believe anyone can sew. Sign up to take this free email course so that you can learn how to sew!

learn how to sew clothes

I love sharing the love of sewing because you’ll gain an appreciation for your hands and what they can do. You’ll be empowered in other areas of your life by sewing and creating.

I love teaching you how to sew because if you really want it, I know you can achieve it. I believe small sewing moments can create great joy.

sewing clothing

Have you always wanted to sew, but you didn’t know where to begin?

I’ve put together an online course that is sent right to your email daily. It’s for those starting out on their sewing journey or for those who feel stuck and need some enouragement and guidance.

I love receiving all of your helpful tips and hints….they come in so handy when you’re getting old you tend to forget….but you always help me remember with all of your thoughtful aids. Thank you so much!

Learn How to Sew: Beginners Guide to Getting Started

In this course you’ll learn where to begin in the overwhelming information about sewing. Learn about all the mistakes I made so you can avoid them!

There are some things I wish I could go back and tell myself to spare myself some grief like learning how to plan and to think things through.

cutting fabric

You will get five lessons over the next five days sent right to your email. The lessons included are:

  1. How to learn how to sew
  2. Supplies you need to sew
  3. How to choose fabric
  4. Sewing terms
  5. What to sew first

learn how to sew clothes