20 Eco Friendly Sewing Projects

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Make one of these great eco-friendly sewing projects that are reusable to help you save money and keep trash out of the landfill!

There are a lot of reasons to use eco-friendly items in the kitchen and around the house. It helps the environment and it can help you safe money. I originally started using reusable items to help me save money, and it evolved into more than that.

These are just a few of the items that our family uses and that I have created a tutorial for. Some of them are to keep your hands or clothes clean, some are for cleaning, some are for organizing or carrying, and some are to protect food.

eco friendly sewing projects

Do you love to sew? Try one of these fun sewing projects:

Why make eco-friendly sewing projects?

Not only does it help keep things out of the landfill and keeps the use of plastic and paper down over time, it can help you save money. You do have to do more washing to clean everything, but I feel like I’m always doing laundry as a mom.

Eco Friendly Sewing Projects

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

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