DIY Reusable Bowl Covers

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Sew these reusable bowl covers for any bowl or casserole dish. These are a great scrap fabric project, and they can be easily washed!

I’m so excited for picnics and potlucks this summer. I often forget to buy plastic wrap, so these reusable bowl covers are so handy to have! I also love using up fabric scraps for sewing projects that get a lot of use.

reusable bowl covers

We’ve been slowly reducing plastic in our house and these bowl covers are awesome. They are not spill proof, most plastic wrap isn’t, but they are waterproof and fairly air tight.

I love saving a little bit of money by not buying plastic wrap, and keeping plastic out of the landfills.

You can also make reusable snack pouches that use the same waterproof fabric. If you want to keep your bowl warm you can make a DIY bowl cozy.

diy reusable bowl cover

I made bowl covers for all my bowls that don’t have lids and all of my casserole dishes that don’t have lids.

I keep them in the drawer where I used to keep plastic wrap so it’s not hard to change the old habit of where I reach. Then I just rinse them off or wash them after I’ve used them.

Do you love to sew? Try one of these sewing projects:

reusable casserole cover

DIY Reusable Bowl Covers


bowl cover supplies

Flip the bowl or casserole dish upside down on the back of your waterproof fabric. Trace the shape onto the fabric.

trace top edge of bowl

Add one to two inches of overlap allowance to the outside of the drawn shape.

A bowl doesn’t need a lot of fabric to come over the side, but a casserole dish needs the fabric to be able to go over the handles.

add seam allowance

Cut out your shapes.

cut out bowl cover

Clip bias binding all the way around the cover. Sew the bias binding onto the cover and leave a two inch gap for inserting the elastic.

clip bias binding to edge

Insert elastic into the bias binding and go all the way through the casing. Pull the elastic tight and pull the ends out. Overlap the ends by half an inch and sew together.

pull elastic through bowl cover

Clip the remaining bias tape to the cover and sew it on closing the hole. Overlap the raw edges of the bias binding.

bowl cover

Cover your bowl!

diy bowl cover

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

diy casserole cover

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I’m going to make a bowl cover for my bread proofing bowl using a tea towel and this basic pattern. Thanks for the idea and instructions!

Are you able to run these through the dishwasher like the reusable snack pouches you wrote about?