15 DIY Classic Halloween Costumes

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Get inspired and excited for a DIY costume by making one of these scary and classic Halloween costumes. They work for both kids and grown ups!

There are so many fun Halloween costume ideas to choose from. It’s fun to create characters from books, movies, and shows, but it’s also fun to make up a costume that one of my children has chosen. I love finding a way to make whatever costume my child dreams up.

One of my children has chosen to be almost every single classic Halloween character throughout the years so I have a lot of tutorials and projects to create all the classic Halloween costumes. Go through the list to see all the ideas and then tell me which one is your favorite!

diy classic halloween costumes

Do you like making costumes and sewing for Halloween? Check out these ideas!

easy diy pumpkin costume

Why Make DIY Costumes?

I love to make DIY costumes for my kids for lots of different reasons. I love that I can make something unique that they want and that they’ll love. We live in a cold area so I always have to plan costumes to be warm so that they don’t have to wear a jacket or coat over it.

I almost always save money by reusing fabric and clothing from my stash and around our home, and I have found that reusing clothing saves me time.

Homemade DIY costumes use stronger and more durable fabric that will last through months and years of dress up and play time. I love that the costumes will last longer than one night of trick-or-treating.

DIY Cat Costume

Where to get solid clothes?

I have a couple of different places where I look for solid clothing for children. It all depends on what I’m looking for and what I need.

  • When I need a solid matching set (like a t-shirt and leggings or a sweatshirt and sweatpants), I first look at primary.com. There are so many basic options in all the styles I love.
  • When I need a t-shirt or sweatshirt in a very specific color, I first look at Jiffy Shirts. There are so many colors in different t-shirt blends.
  • When I need something fast and I’m not picky about the color, I look at Walmart* either for my pickup or shopping in person.

DIY Classic Halloween Costumes

diy mummy costume

DIY Mummy Costume

Learn how to make a DIY mummy costume by sewing an overlay for a hoodie and sweatpants. Add strips of fabric for a great wrapped mummy look.

DIY Cat Costume

DIY Cat Costume

Learn how to make a DIY cat costume with a fuzzy blanket and free sewing patterns. This costume is cute and comfy for cold weather. Meow!

Easy DIY Skeleton Costume

Easy DIY Skeleton Costume

Learn how to make an easy DIY skeleton costume with a free SVG cut file. Cut the design with a Cricut Maker and apply to black pajamas.

easy diy vampire costume

Easy DIY Vampire Costume

Make an easy DIY vampire costume with items already in your house! Any boy or girl would love be this scary vampire for Halloween!

easy diy ghost costume

DIY Ghost Costume

Put together this easy ghost costume that stays in place! This handmade ghost costume uses stuff in your closet, a DIY cape, and a fake chain!

diy pumpkin costume child

DIY Pumpkin Costume for Kids

Learn to make a DIY pumpkin costume for kids with felt. It’s a costume that can be worn over clothing, and the top is the perfect accessory!

diy witch costume

DIY Witch Costume

Learn how to make an easy DIY witch costume by adding lace to a black dress! Add a witch hat, black shoes, and a DIY witch broom for a fun Halloween costume!

diy grim reaper

DIY Grim Reaper Costume

Learn how to make an easy DIY grim reaper costume. Make a simple black cloak, wear black clothes, and add a DIY scythe for a quick costume.

diy werewolf costume

Easy DIY Werewolf Costume

Make an DIY werewolf costume with this easy sewing tutorial. Create a few werewolf accessories and pair them with clothing your child already wears.

diy skeleton mermaid costume

DIY Skeleton Mermaid Costume

Make a DIY skeleton mermaid costume with iron-on vinyl and a black dress to refashion. It’s a creepy cute costume that’s so fun!

diy frankenstein costume

DIY Frankenstein Costume

Learn how to make an easy DIY Frankenstein costume for Halloween with a free hat sewing pattern that looks like the monster’s head!

easy diy pumpkin costume

Easy DIY Pumpkin Costume for Adults

Learn how to make an easy DIY pumpkin costume perfect for adults! Add HTV to an orange sweatshirt and top it off with a handmade pumpkin hat!

halloween skirt DIY

DIY Spider Web Skirt: Easy Halloween Skirt

Learn how to make an easy Halloween skirt with this DIY spider web skirt tutorial. It’s made out of felt so its easy to sew and wear!

diy dog ghost costume

DIY Dog Ghost Costume

Learn how to make a DIY dog ghost costume with some white fabric and a white baseball cap. Depending on the nose it can even be a Zero ghost dog.

diy werewolf dog costume

DIY Werewolf Dog Costume

Learn how to make a DIY werewolf dog costume by upcycling a button up shirt and a piece of denim. It is mostly cutting and one row of sewing.

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

diy classic halloween costumes
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