DIY Ghost Costume

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Make this super easy DIY ghost costume for Halloween! There are more details than just a sheet which make it great for walking and running!

I decided to really get into my kids Halloween costumes this year since they are old enough to request and appreciate the costumes. I actually made them as easy as possible, but they look pretty complex. I loved watching their faces as they saw their Halloween costumes come to life.

Learn how to make an easy DIY ghost costume! I sewed my son’s costume, but you can also use fabric glue or some unique cutting to create the same look.

easy diy ghost costume

DIY Ghost Costume

When I planned my son’s ghost costume, I knew he wanted to look really scary and I wanted to avoid the sheet over the head look. I thought it would be hard to deal with in a seat belt and running around Halloween night. (He does love running around in his ghost tee made with a free ghost svg cut file which is much easier to handle!)

Handmade Halloween Costumes -

Instead I decided to make him an artistic, abstract “Charles Dickens” inspired ghost. I made him a white long sleeved tee combined with white mismatched sweater pieces. I also added white tulle pieces all over and hanging off.

He is wearing a gray sweatshirt underneath the top and a pair of leggings under the pants because it was a cold night!

Handmade Halloween Costumes -

Then I made him a pair of skinny white pants with more tulle pieces on them. I didn’t want people to be able to tell if he was an old ghost or a young ghost or what time period he came from. I got him white shoes and a fake plastic chain to wrap around his neck and waist.

I’m glad I put the time into this easy ghost costume because my daughter is now big enough to wear it! The best part of this costume is that it stays in place! It doesn’t slip off or get in the way!

handmade ghost costume

I painted his face white and his eyes black. Luckily, his hair is so pale I didn’t have to do anything to it. He’s going to have to wear layers underneath and maybe even a white jacket to stay warm since Halloween is often pretty chilly. He might even have to wear white gloves. 

My son loves being scary for Halloween! Each year he tries to pick something as scary as possible. My daughter is so excited to be scary too!

Do you like making costumes? Here are some ideas!

diy costume for girl

Easy DIY Ghost Costume Tutorial

It’s always cold on Halloween where we live so this is geared towards cold weather. Alter it for the weather of where you live.


Make or buy a white sweatshirt. Add strips of white tulle hanging off of different parts of the sweatshirt. You can sew them on or use fabric glue.

Make or buy white pants*. Add strips of white tulle hanging off of different parts of the pants. You can sew them on or use fabric glue.

ghost costume details

Cut out a large rectangle from the tulle. It should be as tall as your child’s shoulders and slightly wider than your child. I would say one and a half times wider than your child’s shoulders.

Sew a white ribbon onto the top to tie around your child’s neck like a cape. 

sew casing closed

Cut the bottom half of the white cape into strips for a fringe look.

Add white shoes*, a fake chain*, and some face paint. I did a white face with black eye sockets.

cut fringe on cape
easy ghost costume

DIY Easy Ghost Costume

Yield: One DIY Ghost Costume
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Confident Beginner
Estimated Cost: $50

Put together this easy ghost costume that stays in place! This handmade ghost costume uses stuff in your closet, a DIY cape, and a fake chain!


  • Netted curtain or lace curtain
  • White top or sweater
  • White pants
  • White or light colored shoes
  • White ribbon or drawstring
  • Fake chain


  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric Scissors


  1. Cut your curtain to be 1.5 times the width of your shoulders and the length from your shoulder to the floor.
  2. Cut fringe along the bottom of the curtain. I cut the fringe 2-4 inches wide and 12-18 inches long. The fringe gets slightly skinnier as it gets pulled and wears out.
  3. Put a large safety pin on the end of the ribbon. Thread the ribbon through the casing of the curtain. Pull the ribbon out so there is a 10 inch tail on each side.
  4. Sew the casing closed which also keeps the ribbon in place. The two tails can now be used as ties to tie the cape on. The tie keeps it in place so it doesn't fall off.

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diy ghost costume
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