19 Free Costume Patterns for Kids

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Use one of these free costume patterns to make a fabulous Halloween costume! The costumes are printable PDF patterns that come in either one or multiple sizes.

I love Halloween and all the fun costume possibilities! My kids come up with some many fun and unique ideas that I always have to make DIY costumes to make them happy. This list of free costume patterns is a great place to start when looking for costume ideas!

free costume sewing patterns

Some of these costume patterns come in one size, and some come in multiple sizes. All of them have a PDF pattern to download and print off. Some of them are full costumes and some of them are pieces that can be added to items you already have in your house.

Just show this list to your kids and let them choose one to make your life a little bit easier when it comes to making a handmade Halloween costume. Some of the patterns at the very end are $1, but I noted it in the description. They are good enough to include in this list!

free cat ear sewing pattern

Get the Kid Costume Sewing Pattern Bundle!

Get 2 printable PDF patterns of beginner sewing projects to make costumes for kids. The Kid Costume Sewing Pattern Bundle includes 2 easy photo instructions and printable sewing patterns. This is a great way to get enjoy sewing while making fun projects for kids.

kid costume sewing pattern bundle

Do you love making costumes? Check out these ideas:

Free Cloak Sewing Pattern

What is a PDF sewing pattern?

A PDF pattern is a sewing pattern designed on the computer and organized so that it can be printed on several letter or A4 size pieces of paper.

I love using PDF sewing patterns because if the pattern gets ruined or if my children or I changed sizes, I can always print it again. It’ll never be destroyed since I have a digital version!

How do you use a PDF sewing pattern?

Open the PDF on a computer and click print. When printing make sure that the scaling is set to 100% or no scaling so that the pattern prints at the correct size.

Once the pattern is printed it can be taped together to get the full size. Then the pattern can be cut for each pattern piece size or individual sizes can be traced so that the pattern can be used again and again. Learn how to use PDF sewing patterns.

Check out all these free PDF sewing patterns!

free costume robe sewing pattern

Why Make DIY Costumes?

I love to make DIY costumes for my kids for lots of different reasons. I love that I can make something unique that they want and that they’ll love. We live in a cold area so I always have to plan costumes to be warm so that they don’t have to wear a jacket or coat over it.

I almost always save money by reusing fabric and clothing from my stash and around our home, and I have found that reusing clothing saves me time.

Homemade DIY costumes use stronger and more durable fabric that will last through months and years of dress up and play time. I love that the costumes will last longer than one night of trick-or-treating.

Free Costume Patterns for Kids

free costume robe sewing pattern

Free Costume Robe Sewing Pattern

Learn how to make a Halloween costume robe with a free sewing pattern. I used this pattern to make a Jedi Robe and a Harry Potter robe.

diy frankenstein costume

DIY Frankenstein Costume

Learn how to make an easy DIY Frankenstein costume for Halloween with a free hat sewing pattern that looks like the monster’s head!

Free Cloak Sewing Pattern

Free Cloak Sewing Pattern

Learn how to make a cloak with a free sewing pattern. I used this pattern to make a DIY Little Red Riding Hood costume.

diy bluey costume

DIY Bluey Costume

Learn how to make a DIY Bluey costume with a sweatshirt and felt. Put it together with some simple accessories for a really fun Halloween costume.

diy bingo costume

DIY Bingo Costume (From Bluey)

Learn how to make a DIY Bingo costume with a sweatshirt and felt. Put it together with some simple accessories for a really fun Halloween costume.

diy marshmello fortnite costume

DIY Marshmello Fortnite Costume

Learn how to make a DIY Marshmello costume for kids from the Fortnite character. Use a Cricut Maker and sewing machine for an easy costume!

free dog ear sewing pattern

Free Ear Sewing Pattern for Costumes

Learn how to make standing pointed ears with a free ear sewing pattern. This would be perfect for cat ears, horse ears, or dog/werewolf ears.

mermaid tote bag sewing pattern

Mermaid Tote Bag Pattern

Use this free mermaid tote bag pattern to make a trick-or-treat bag! It’s the perfect addition to a ocean-inspired costume or pretend play! I love adding a little bit of animal whimsy to everyday things.

Puppy Costume Free Pattern

This pattern comes in one size and makes a really cute puppy costume! It would work well for any animal since you can just switch up the tail and ears!

DIY Pirate Costume with Free Pattern

Make a great Pirate costume with a free vest pattern! Add simple details to make this costume great!

Free Princess Dress Pattern

This dress pattern comes in just one size, but you could switch up the details and fabric to be any princess!

Fish Costume and Free Pattern

I love the cute face of this fish, and the posibility of different colored fish. This costume is so easy to wear since you just put in on over your clothes. It would work well with a family costume!

Wonder Woman Costume Pattern for Kids

This is a simple costume to put together and makes a girl feel strong and fast!

Sunshine and Rainbow free pattern

With this unique costume your child will shine! I love the bright colors and that can be layered over clothes!

Snake costume DIY free pattern & tutorial

Turn a hoodie into a great snake costume. I love the teeth and tongue details!

Princess Leia Free Pattern

Even if you don’t have a Jedi you can have a Princess Leia costume! This one looks easy and warm!

Dragon wings costume diy tutorial

Turn a hoodie into the coolest dragon costume!

Classic Batman Cape Free Pattern

This Batman costume is great for any kid and you could easily make it into other superheroes!

Easy Donut Free Pattern

I love the simplicity and silliness of this donut costume! So fun, and what little kid doesn’t love donuts?

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

free costume patterns for kids
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