13 Fiction Books about Sewing to Enjoy

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Enjoy these fiction books about sewing. It’s fun to get lost in a novel about sewing when you don’t want to or have time to sew.

Sometimes you feel like sewing and sometimes you don’t. I love sewing so much that even when I’m not sewing sometimes I still want to listen or read about sewing.

I have not actually read any of these books, unfortunately, but I’m putting them on my list to buy or borrow from the library! They all look so fun to read, and they would make great gifts for someone who sews!

fiction books about sewing

Are you looking for more sewing books or gift ideas for a seamstress?

I’ve added a small description of each book, but since I can only fit a short amount I recommend clicking over to read more of the synopsis. There are actually one or two that are non-fiction books that are still about sewing.

Fiction Books about Sewing

Enjoy these fiction books about sewing. It's fun to get lost in a novel about sewing when you don't want to or have time to sew.

heather sewing

I believe small sewing moments can create great joy. Find your own “right” way to sew. -Heather

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I wish to recommend a book for your sewing fiction list, The Pink Suit by Nicole Mary Kelby.
It was fascinating

where can I get the book series by Heather handmade

My favorite is The Time in Between by Maria Duenas. It is both a lovely fat historical novel and a long tv series (telenovela?) with English subtitles. It is the standard by which I judge all other sewing themed fiction.

You missed one of my favorites, Sandra Dallas. Not every book focuses on quilters like her Persian Pickle Club, but in most books the protagonist does some sewing, often teaching others. Check her out!

Love that book!

I absolutely enjoyed The Forgotten Seamstress. Thanks for the additional recommendations. Have an awesome day and happy sewing.