12 Amazing Sewing Facebook Groups You Need To Join

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Do you enjoy sewing and talking about sewing? I love sewing and there’s something special about being able to talk to someone who loves it.

I meet up with sewing friends every once in awhile and to get me through the time in between, I “sewcialize” online with other sewists, sewers, and sewing enthusiasts. Learn how to find a sewing group near you!

I’ve found that “sewcializing” in groups on Facebook is so fun. I love seeing what everyone makes and being inspired by their creations.

I’m part of several sewing Facebook groups and each has its own emphasis so you can find what part of sewing you love! There are some groups for crafts, some for sewing, some for kid sewing, and some for sewing for yourself.

Read below to find the groups you would like to be apart of!

12 Facebook Groups for the Sewist, Sewer, and Sewing Enthusiast // heatherhandmade.com

Amazing Sewing Facebook Groups You Need To Join

1// All the Best Sewing and Crafting

12 Facebook Groups for the Sewist, Sewer, and Sewing Enthusiast // heatherhandmade.com

Some of my sewing blogger friends and I started a new sewing and crafting Facebook group. We wanted to start an encouraging group where you can share all your projects, talk in sewing jargon, and laugh at sewing memes.

It’s a small group so it’s friendly and you get to see everyone’s posts. We ask lots of questions and share lots of inspiration and creations.

2// Sew for Boys

My first love of sewing began when my son was born, and I jumped into the world of sewing for boys. I love the boundaries in boy sewing because it helps me be more creative.

I love seeing what everyone else sews for their boys and how happy the boys are in mama made clothing.

3// Sew a Softie

A group that’s special because there isn’t clothing being sewn. This is a group all about sewing softies and toys. There are lots of cute creations and adorable inspiration. You can ask questions about tips for sewing softies or where to be directed for a specific pattern.

sew save money scissors

4// PDF Pattern Photography Posse

There are three focuses in this group: sewing, patterns, and photography. You can ask questions about any of these three things.

It’s a lovely group with kind members, and it’ll help you improve on each of these skills.

5// Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along

This is one of the first groups I got really involved in and excited about. It’s about learning to sew a wardrobe that coordinates and is small in items.

It’s really inspiring to see how you can create your entire wardrobe with just a few simple pieces that go with everything else in your wardrobe. Questions are often asked about travel wardrobes because that’s a great place to start with a capsule wardrobe.

I haven’t perfected my capsuling skill, but this group has helped me a lot.

6// PDF Pattern Sales and Promotions

This is a huge group of sewists who love talking about PDF patterns. I love to see all the creations from different sewing patterns.

If I ever need a recommendation on a pattern or I’m looking for a specific look, this is where I ask. I always get the best (and lots of!) answers to guide me in pattern sewing.

bernina buttons and options

7// Sewing and Craft Tutorials and Inspiration

This is another huge group with lots of members. Mostly tutorials are shared from popular sewing bloggers, but lots of members also ask questions and share their projects.

It’s a big group with lots of inspiration! All posts must be mediated before being posted.

8// Craft Cult – Crafts for Crafters Obsessed with Crafting

If you need a place to share crafts this group is for you. If you need inspiration from finished crafts this group is for you. Are you obsessed with crafting?

9// Project Sew It – One Sewing Project a Month

This group is great for giving you that drive to start sewing for yourself. The goal of the group is to sew one item a month for yourself.

There are twelve generic categories, one for each month, to give you some direction. You can ask questions about patterns, ask for help during a project, and share your finished project that fits in the category!

insert sewing machine needle

10// Sewing for Beginners

If you are just starting out in the sewing world this a great group to join! It’s full of encouraging sewists who are just started out.

They often share some of the first projects they ever make! You will always find help and friends in this group.

11// Clothing Upcycle and Restyle

I love refashioning and upcycling and this is a small group to get inspiration. I love this group because there’s no selling.

Tutorials and projects are often shared to get your creative juices flowing! 

Bonus 12 // Sew It with Heather Handmade – My Group!

This is a great place to get ideas to sew and anything that is handmade with fabric. There are clothing tutorials and sewing projects for the home.

Share your projects of anything you’ve made from one of my tutorials. You can ask questions and give kind advice.

Hope to see you in these sewing Facebook groups! What groups do you like to visit on Facebook?

heather sewing

I believe small sewing moments can create great joy. Find your own “right” way to sew. -Heather

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Good advise on hear

I just joined and hope to get a lot of answers from posts here. I’m into Victorian and I’m getting ready to make some Victorian baby rompers. I have been sewing for years but I’m far from a good sewing lady. I have a friend who is fantastic and have always admired her “finished work”. I own an much older Elna which I love. Bought brand new years ago when I made over 300 Sesame Street puppets. Since then I’ve really given that machine a ride. It still hums and comes through when I need it to. I also own a couple of older machines. I’m making a doll body now for a reborn doll for my BF g-daughter. They bought it online and it came from China which they were not aware of and it is a mess. So I am trying to bring some real reborn look to it. I’ve got several projects coming up but just trying to get things into a smaller area since I am 77 and need to shrink a lot of things down. I am into a lot of crafts. I do reborn dolls but don’t sell. I keep. Or give to family. I enjoy all things busy. Looking forward to all here. Thanks Sue


I want to learn more about sewing

Im looking for this pattern 5480 simplicity size 6,7,8 if theres anyone in Edmonton,Alta. Canada, thank you

Im retired pro seamstress and tailor . I have 3 commercial machines for sale is that allowed on this site?Freeda Bailey


I want to learn how to sew

Thanks so much for linking to the Sew a Softie facebook group 🙂 Really appreciate it!

Is there a free sewing group on face book for sewing clothing

I am wondering if I could post an old singer treadle sewing machine for sale. With original cabinet . It was my grandmas. She passed away 2 years ago at 103. I’m not a sewing person I kept it to think of her but. I’m hoping some one would
Like and need an
Old one

I want to start sewing, where do I begin? I tried a couple years ago and bought a singer sewing machine from Walmart. I got it home, followed instructions on how to thread the machine. I had practice fabric and the thread kept on breaking. I didn’t know how to get past this so I gave the machine to my sister b/c I was so frustrated, have no coach. I’m not great at teaching myself. I want to get another sewing machine, but am afraid to b/c of what happened before. Do you have any suggestions?

What machine would you recommend

Is there a group for big and tall sewing?

The Curvy Sewing Collective blog has a FB group for “curvy” sewists. Curvy usually means plus sized, but there are women with a braid range of sizes and shapes making garments.

My favourite group is Aussie Machine Embroidery Addicts, a friendly, happy place to learn all about machine embroidery and sharing tips and ideas.

Hi , I am looking for a gnome / troll pattern to be made out of felt / scraps of material , I have been to john Lewis pattern / fabric department in Sheffield were I live but they have nothing , there are a couple of small fabric shops that I am going to try but I am running out of places to look , I have tried to google gnome / troll patterns but nothing comes up might you have any Ides , thanks Marie Harrison

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