20 Amazing Sewing Subscription Boxes

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If you love to sew you can enjoy one of these amazing sewing subscription boxes for either quilting or dressmaking. Get some exciting mail!

I love looking forward to and getting a box in the mail. It is so fun to open up to see what’s inside. And getting sewing supplies and fabric is just the best!

I haven’t actually tried any of these sewing subscription boxes but reading about them made me want to try every single one! These would make such a great gift for someone who loves to sew because they can enjoy it every month.

sewing subscription boxes

Some of these sewing boxes are for quilters, some are for dressmakers, and some are for useful home and home decor makers. Most are geared towards beginner sewing with fabric, different sewing patterns, and tools.

Some of these kits ship monthly and some of these boxes ship quarterly. The price ranges from $25 to $100, and some shops have several options for different boxes.

Do you like to sew? Check out some of these lists:

Sewing Subscription Boxes

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

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Threadcrate is a disaster. I have been a member for 8 or 9 months. Always late shipping for one reason or another. Assorted other problems as well. I can’t wait until my subscription ends. Indie Stitch is great!

Threadcrate is not a disaster. She’s a one woman show who had to navigate the logistics of a pandemic while starting and growing a business that clearly met a need. As with all small businesses, she suffered some growing pains along the way and has reached the point where she can’t maintain or grow without a suitable fulfillment center and additional outsourcing.

I’ve been a member for almost a year and her initial boxes were never late. That’s not to say I didn’t experience some delays, but it was far from what I would consider a disaster. It wasn’t until the second half of last year that she started having issues due to significant growth, logistical issues and medical issues that required surgery. She was quite transparent, which is why I know all of this since she always made customers aware of delays and what caused them as soon as she was aware, often before they even occurred.

The boxes themselves are great and definitely worth the money, and if, like me, you enjoy supporting small businesses you know you might need to have a little patience. Also, since the boxes are generally a surprise (you can pick your fabric and pattern but there is so much more to see when the box arrives), for me it didn’t matter when they arrived, I was just excited to get them. But she’s worked diligently to address every issue as it arose to the point where she has finally transitioned to a fulfillment center and obtained the support she needs. Not bad at all considering she’s only been in business for a few years. I recommend giving Threadcrate a try.

I’ve been subscribed to ThreadCrate for four months now. I like it a lot. There is always a sewing pattern for women included in the box. I’ve sewn a wrap dress, hoodie, cardigan, and bomber jacket so far. I’m interested in trying IndieStitch, too. It’s hard to know which ones are worth the cost.