DIY One Seam Wrap Skirt + Free Pattern

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Use this tutorial to make your own one seam wrap skirt! It’s fast and easy to sew, and there’s no flashing!

This skirt is so adjustable that it can fit lots of sizes, and you can still fit in it if you’re changing sizes! It’s really quick because there is only ONE SEAM to sew, and there are no hems or edge finishes!

If you lift up the overlap there’s a layer underneath so you’ll never flash anyone. Enjoy this one seam wrap skirt tutorial perfect for any size and lifestyle!

Don’t miss the free printable PDF guide at the end! Download the instructions so you can make it again and again!

I’ve had an idea for a circle wrap skirt developing in my head for awhile. I wanted to make a skirt that was easy to make, adjustable for changing sizes, and mom-friendly.

I was able to make a wrap skirt tutorial that is all of these things!

Even when I lift the part the overlap, nothing is flashed from underneath!

knit wrap skirt

I wore this style of wrap skirt all throughout my pregnancy when I was changing weight constantly, and I even wore it during postpartum when I was also changing weight constantly.

What fabric works best for this skirt?

A double knit fabric like interlock, ponte, scuba or liverpool will work best. These fabrics don’t roll up at the hem, but they have enough body to hang nicely.

Should I prewash the fabric?

Yes, you should prewash the fabric. Treat the fabric the same way you’ll wash and dry the skirt once it’s finished. Remove any shrinkage before you cut and sew.

easy wrap skirt

My SIL and I wore the same wrap skirt that I wore even though I was pregnant and she was not. Our waist measurements were not even close, but we were able to wear the same skirt. It’s a magical adjustable skirt! You can play with the length for different looks.

The easiest ones to make are the mini and knee length skirt because they are shorter. The problem with the longer skirts is that it uses a LOT of fabric.

Adjustable One-Seam "No-Flashing" Wrap Skirt Tutorial //

This skirt is very comfortable and works throughout and after a pregnancy. You’ll get lots of compliments, and you don’t even have to tell them how easy it was for you to make!

If you prefer using wovens instead of knit fabric you can make this DIY wrap skirt! Here’s a giant list of free skirt patterns so that you can make something you’ll love!

easy diy wrap skirt

Do you like to sew skirts? Try one of these sewing projects:

DIY One Seam Wrap Skirt

DIY One Seam Wrap Skirt


  • Sewing tools
  • 3-5 yards of Knit Fabric –
    • lightweight to mediumweight knit fabric with a soft hand
    • choose a spandex blends for the best recovery
    • jersey knit will roll on the cut edges
    • interlock or a rib knit will not roll but don’t often have spandex
  • Sewing machine
  • Measuring tape and marking tool
  • Tips for sewing knit fabrics
diy wrap skirt pattern

Find Your Measurements

  • Place a measuring tape at your center back waist and let it hang down. Decide how long you want your skirt to be, and have someone check what the measurement is. This is your skirt height measurement.
  • Measure your waist or where you want your skirt to sit. Wrap the measuring tape around your waist and make sure it’s horizontal with the ground. This is your waist measurement.
  • Find your radius for the inner waist circle by using the chart below.

Here is a simple chart for quick radius measurements. Pick something in between or the next measurement down since the knit fabric will stretch.

Waist or Hip CircumferenceRadius for ½ Circle Skirt
20″6 ⅜”
25″7 ⅞”
30″9 ½”
35″11 ⅛”
40″12 ¾”
45″14 ¼”
50″15 ⅞”

Cutting Instructions

Use this pattern piece to draw out your skirt pattern. You will need two cut two of one diagram, but make sure they are opposite of each other. Use the measurements you found to get a custom made skirt that fits your body!

*When you are cutting from 1/4 height to the center waist circle, cut a short tail from the inside circle for the tie.* 

wrap skirt pattern

Sewing Instructions

Using diagram cut out two pieces of the custom wrap skirt pattern piece. Make sure they are opposite of each other when you cut them out.

Sew the one long seam with a zigzag and right sides together.

Serge or zigzag the raw edges of the seam allowance.

Press the seam allowance to one side.

Use a straight stitch to tack the seam allowance to one side at the waist and the hem.

Don’t finish any of the hems. Knit fabric does not fray, but it might roll.

wrap skirt tutorial

To put on your skirt:

Find the seam and put it on one side of your waist and hold it there.

Grab the side that will go across your front and wrap it all the way around until it meets with the seam. Hold the seam and one wrapped side with one hand on one side of your waist.

Grab the other side and wrap it around your back to the front until it meets with the seam.

Your two ends that tie will meet over your seam. Tie them in a bow or knot.

Adjustable One-Seam "No-Flashing" Wrap Skirt Tutorial //

Get the Free Sewing Pattern Below!

Get the free printable PDF knit wrap skirt pattern!

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

no flashing wrap skirt

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Love all of your posts and free patterns….so very helpful.

This is a beautiful skirt! I love the style ( and the fact it’s sewn shut!). I would like to try making this skirt, but I can’t find the free pattern it’s supposed to have. Am I missing the link?

could you just place the long edge on the fold, and cut and have no seam??

This adjustable skirt looks so cute on you and I love how easy it is to make. I am going fabric shopping so I can try this DIY skirt in lots of colors!

I have tried to figure out this pattern to no avail…. Can you help me.. Would love to be able to make it…..Thank you……

This is perfect. I’m in the “losing the baby weight” phase and need something adjustable. I will be trying this out this week. Thank you!

Could you do the two layers in different colours? So when you wrap it, the bottom layer is one colour and then the other part that wraps around it at the front will be another colour? Where is the seam that you sew? Is it hidden on the side opposite to the ties or can you possibly see the seam (and subsequently the abrupt change in colour)?

Please clarify the tie portion of the instructions. I don’t see two “ends that tie”. The instructions say to “waist circle, cut a short tail from the inside circle for the tie.* ”, but what about the other side, is there a tail to cut there too?

Boy these are adorable.

I just wish there was a video tutorial, because I have no idea how to make them.

I am a little confused about some of these instructions.
You put "You will need two of each for one skirt." yet there is only one seam you need to sew.
Do you mean one of each circle design for one skirt or two of one circle design for one skirt?

Would love a video tutorial 🙂

Would love a video tutorial 🙂


Love it, and it's going straight to my really have to do list!