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DIY Fat Quarter Skirt for Little Girls

This fat quarter skirt is the perfect project for little girls. It’s fast, easy, and uses just one fat quarter of fabric! It’s a great scrap fabric project and would make an adorable gift!

My daughter is getting interested in skirts so I decided to make some simple ones with fat quarters. I wanted to use a small amount of fabric, and I wanted the baby sewing project to be fast!

DIY Fat Quarter Skirt for Little Girls

These fat quarter skirts are so fast! They would be fun and easy to make as a baby gift. They are also fantastic scrap fabric projects, since these use just a fat quarter of fabric! These work great for babies and toddlers, but wouldn’t work well for anyone older since they are shorter.

Here’s a giant list of free skirt patterns so that you can make something you’ll love!

I made these skirts for my both of my daughters when they were toddlers. They got into a phase where they wanted to wear skirts all the time, so I made a bunch of these to please them. They love wearing them and spinning in them!

fat quarter skirt for girls

Do you love to sew? Try one of these fun sewing projects:

1 Fat Quarter Skirt Tutorial

When I made this skirt in the past, I’ve attached a diaper cover and little shorts to the inside of the skirt. It’s a great way for busy little girls so they don’t have to wear a separate garment.

1 Fat Quarter Skirt Tutorial

DIY Fat Quarter Skirt


fat quarter of fabric

Cut any white selvedges off of the fat quarter.

trim fat quarter

Cut the fat quarter in half crosswise.

cut fat quarter

With right sides together sew each piece together on the short sides. Finish edges with a zigzag or a serger.

sew sides of skirt

Fold up the hem 1/4 inch twice and press. Then hem 1/4 inch from the fold.

hem fat quarter skirt

Finish the raw edge of the top of the skirt.

Fold the edge down 1/2 inch and press.

iron fat quarter skirt

Sew a 3/8 inch casing around the top of the skirt. Leave a 2 inch hole.

serge fat quarter skirt

Insert elastic.

casing fat quarter skirt

Overlap elastic 1/2 inch and zigzag to secure. Pull elastic into the casing.

Sew the hole closed.

finished fat quarter skirt

If you make something using this pattern, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

fat quarter skirt

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I’m not sure how long my elastic needs to be for this project. Can you help? Her waist measurement is 20”. I haven’t made anything other than masks, so I appreciate this project so much! Hoping to make a skirt and face mask to match!

What do you mean cut the fat quarter crosswise? A fat quarter is 22×18 so are you cutting the 22 inches in half or the 18?