Tips to Sew Sweater Fabric

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Learn all the tips to sew sweater fabric with a sewing machine and serger so that you can sew your own sweaters, hats, and cardigans.

During the winter I love sewing with sweater knit fabric. I love the chunky warm sweater fabric and the lightweight loose sweater fabric. I had a problem sewing knit fabric when I first started working with it.

After practicing with knit fabric and with sweater knit fabric I learned some great tips and tricks to make it easier. Learn all the tips to sew sweater knit fabric so that you can sew your own clothing!

tips to sew sweater knit fabric

Want to learn how to sew? Try some of these tutorials:

how to sew sweater knit

Tips to Sew Sweater Fabric

Sweater knit fabric can come in all different colors, prints, weights, and hands. Sweater fabric can be lightweight or heavyweight and it can be tightly knitted or loosely knitted. The most common and easiest to find sweater fabric is Hacci knit fabric.

Before cutting and using the fabric wash and dry it the way you would treat the finished garment.

tips to sew sweater knit fabric

To cut out sweater fabric use a rotary cutter and cutting mat. Hold the pattern down with patterns weights.

cut with rotary cutter and cutting mat

Cut any notches extra large so that the fabric doesn’t unravel or loops pull apart.

cut extra large notches

If using a loosely knitted fabric, then extra seam allowance. This will give the fabric extra substance to not come undone.

add extra seam allowance for loose knits

Use pins or clips when keeping sweater knit fabric together.

pins and clips

When you pick up and move the sweater fabric handle it carefully and softly. Most sweater knit fabrics are delicate.

handle sweater knit with care

When you sew the sweater knit fabric with a sewing machine use jersey or stretch needle. Also, use a walking foot if you have one.

use jersey needles and a walking foot

When sewing the sweater knit fabric sew with either a zigzag on a sewing machine or with a serger. The fabric needs to be able to stretch with the stretch of the fabric.

Finish the seam allowance with either a zigzag on a sewing machine or with a serger.

zigzag or serge the edges

Press the fabric gently with just the tip of the iron.

press carefully with just the tip

If the fabric is loosely woven and the seam allowances can be seen through the holes, then finish the edges with knit bias binding. This will strengthen the seam and keep the insides pretty.

finish edges with knit bias binding

When sewing seams that are cut on a crossgrain, stabilize seams with elastic to keep them from stretching out.

stabilize the shoulders

When hemming sweater knits, one way is to hem with a cuff and waistband. This will make the item look the most like a ready-to-wear garment.

hem with a waistband and cuff

If you don’t want to add cuffs or waistbands, you can hem with soft stretch hem tape and a twin needle for a nice clean finish.

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

tips to sew sweater knit fabric
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I believe small sewing moments can create great joy. Find your own “right” way to sew. -Heather

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Great suggestions, but is there a source for the sweater fabrics?