Free Fleece Hat Pattern

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Learn how to make a winter fleece hat with a free sewing pattern. This pattern comes in child, teen, and adult sizes for the whole family.

We’ve had a cold streak and needed warm fleece hats for the whole family. I really hate having cold ears, and I think my children have inherited that. I designed a simple fleece hat pattern for lots of different ages, and it’s really easy to sew. It’s only three seams and a hem!

These fleece hats are designed to fit snug and to be able to be worn under a hood or a helmet. Lengthen the hat for a more slouchy look, or sew a deeper hem for more of a knit cap look.

Free Fleece Hat Pattern

What fabric should I use?

This winter hat is designed to be used with a stable knit fabric. A stable knit fabric stretches along the horizontal line, but it does not stretch along the vertical line. Stable knit fabrics are polar fleece, sweatshirt fleece, French terry, and more. Just check the stretch before you sew.

The hat should be cut so that the horizontal stretch should go around the head to make the hat comfortable and snug as it’s being worn.

Free Fleece Hat Pattern

Should I prewash the fabric?

If the fabric has any natural fiber like cotton or rayon, the fabric should be washed before cutting and sewing. Wash and dry hot so that any shrinkage will be removed.

Free Fleece Hat Pattern

What size does the hat pattern come it?

The hat pattern comes in child sizes 2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10. It also comes in sizes teen, adult small, adult medium, and adult large.

Measure the person’s head by measuring around the forehead and down to the base of the head in the back. Use this to find the closest head measurement to choose the right size.

fleece hat measurements

What is a PDF sewing pattern?

A PDF pattern is a sewing pattern designed on the computer and organized so that it can be printed on several letter or A4 size pieces of paper.

I love using PDF sewing patterns because if the pattern gets ruined or if my children or I changed sizes, I can always print it again. It’ll never be destroyed since I have a digital version!

Free Fleece Hat Pattern

How do you use a PDF sewing pattern?

Open the PDF on a computer and click print. When printing make sure that the scaling is set to 100% or no scaling so that the pattern prints at the correct size.

Free Fleece Hat Pattern

Do you love to sew? Try one of these sewing projects:

Free Fleece Hat Pattern

How to Make a Winter Fleece Hat


  • Free fleece hat sewing pattern – get it at the end of the post behind the locked content
  • 1/3 yard of stable knit fabric like polar fleece, sweatshirt fleece, French terry, etc
  • Sewing tools
  • Sewing machine

Do you just want the pattern and tutorial as a PDF? Get the pattern and tutorial for just $4. You won’t need to access the internet every time you want to make it. Or get the Pattern Bundle with ALL the PDF tutorials!

fleece hat supplies

Cut out two pieces of knit fabric for each hat you are making.

cut out two pieces of fabric for each hat

Fold each hat piece so that the top points are matching and with right sides together. Pin the two layers together.

Sew from the fold up to the point with a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Sew with either a zigzag stitch or a serger.

sew dart right sides together

Bring the two hat pieces right sides together matching the sides and center top seam. Make the two top seams point in opposite directions to reduce bulk. Pin from the bottom of the hat, up around the top, and down to the other side.

pin curve right sides together

Sew around the curve with either a zigzag stitch or a serger.

sew curve right sides together

Fold the bottom edge under 1/2 inch and pin. For a shorter hat fold the edge under 1 inch and pin.

pin hem up 1/2 up or more

Sew around the edge of the hem with a zigzag stitch. If your hem came out a little wavy, try pressing it with a cool iron and washing it. The waviness should go away.

You finished!

sew hem with zigzag stitch

Get the Free Sewing Pattern here!

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

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I just figured it out. Can’t wait to try it!!

I’m not sure what the “ locked content box” looks like. I’m trying to download the pdf for the fleece hats. Can you please help?

Heather, thank you for this super easy, quick project! I made 15 fleece hats for friends and family for Christmas and people loved them.

How do i get the pattern?

Thank you for sharing such a great and useful pattern!