DIY Gabby Gabby Costume

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Use paint and a bit of sewing to make an easy DIY Gabby Gabby costume! Gabby Gabby is the creepy doll from Disney’s Toy Story 4 that turns out to be not so bad!

My daughter has always loved the scary characters in kid’s movies. For some reason she just likes to be scared! I knew she would make the perfect Gabby Gabby since it’s a creepy doll that turns out to be good in the end. This costume is simple and easy to make!

toy story 4 costume

I love that Gabby Gabby is good and bad. She’s scary, but she gets her own happy ending. I also loved seeing Bo Peep again so I also made that costume this year! I also made a Ducky and Bunny costume and a Duke Caboom costume.

I’ve loved all the toy movies and my kids dressed up at other Toy characters when they were babies! It’s so fun to look back at their costumes that I made them!

gabby gabby dotted dress

Gabby Gabby has a much shorter dress since she has baby-like proportions which I didn’t do for my daughter. I just found a yellow dress with a gathered skirt and added a big petticoat peaking out.

This dress is easy to create with fabric paint. I love working with fabric paint because it’s easy, but it makes a big impact.

gabby gabby costume

The best detail to add was the yellow scrunchies (with my free sewing pattern) and the freckles. Those tiny details add so much to the overall look of the costume!

add freckles and yellow srunchies

DIY Gabby Gabby Costume


gabby gabby supplies

Using a pencil eraser, add white fabric dots all over the yellow dress. I started on the bodice, then did the sleeves, and then did the skirt. I let the whole side dry before flipping the dress over and adding dots to the other side.

If your paint isn’t even try adding a piece of felt to the paint to create a “stamp pad”. It will make the paint go onto the eraser smoother and then onto the fabric smoother.

After it’s all dry heat set all the dots with an iron.

paint dots on dress

Open up the waistband of the petticoat and pull out the elastic. Cut it and overlap it to the size of your daughters waist. Sew the overlap in place and pull the elastic back into the waistband.

pull out elastic

Sew the hole closed.

white petticoat

Stuff a bunch of plastic bags into the shoes to protect the insides. Spray paint the shoes yellow. Make sure you spray from all angles to get a nice even coat, and to let them dry in between coats.

paint shoes yellow

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

diy gabby gabby costume

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