17 Gifts for a Seamstress

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Find the right gift for a seamstress in your life. These are all fun ideas for the sewing room, and they are all under $100!

If you know someone who loves to sew or someone who sews for their job it can be hard to find them a gift if you don’t know that much about sewing. I’ve put a list together of some great gift ideas that make the perfect gift for a seamstress, and they are all under $100.

Gifts for a Seamstress

When looking for gifts to give someone who sews, would they prefer supplies, tools, or decorations for their sewing area? What have they mentioned that they wish they had? That’s a great place to start. Then you can check out my list of fun things for a seamstress!

ikea billy bookcase fabric storage

Are you looking for other gift guides? There’s also a great list for:

Gift Ideas for a Seamstress

Find the right gift idea for someone who loves to sew or someone who sews for their job. These gifts are perfect for the sewing room, and they all under $100!

What do you think, are these items you’d like to receive as a gift? What is on your wish list this year when it comes to sewing related gifts? What would you give a seamstress as a gift?

seamstress gift ideas
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I believe small sewing moments can create great joy. Find your own “right” way to sew. -Heather

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I should get a cutter pendant! Wow! That is an awesome idea!!

Good list! I would love an Ottobre subscription if someone wants to hint at my husband 😉

My sister in law told a bunch of us that if we want to give her anything, at any point in the year, to just wrap up a seam ripper. She says she looses hers all the time.
I took a small pair of scissors and hung them on a ribbon, after you gave the suggestion.. I can't believe how much faster I sew now. So much easier to just clip threads as I go! Thanks for sharing!