DIY Medusa Costume

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Learn how to make a DIY Medusa costume with a green dress and a DIY snake headband crown. This is a great last minute costume!

I’ve always wanted to create a Medusa costume. The snakes fascinated me, and I knew it would be easy to make a cool snake headband.

This DIY Medusa costume is great if you don’t want to sew. You do have to wait for the spray paint to dry, but it isn’t very much work since it can be paired with a green dress.

DIY Medusa Costume

Do you like making costumes and sewing for Halloween? Check out these ideas!

DIY Medusa Costume snake crown detail

Why Make DIY Costumes?

I love to make DIY costumes for my kids for lots of different reasons. I love that I can make something unique that they want and that they’ll love. We live in a cold area so I always have to plan costumes to be warm so that they don’t have to wear a jacket or coat over it.

I almost always save money by reusing fabric and clothing from my stash and around our home, and I have found that reusing clothing saves me time.

Homemade DIY costumes use stronger and more durable fabric that will last through months and years of dress up and play time. I love that the costumes will last longer than one night of trick-or-treating.

DIY Medusa Costume

Where to get solid clothes?

I have a couple of different places where I look for solid clothing for children. It all depends on what I’m looking for and what I need.

  • When I need a solid matching set (like a t-shirt and leggings or a sweatshirt and sweatpants), I first look at” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow”>*. There are so many basic options in all the styles I love.
  • When I need a t-shirt or sweatshirt in a very specific color, I first look at Jiffy Shirts. There are so many colors in different t-shirt blends.
  • When I need something fast and I’m not picky about the color, I look at Walmart* either for my pickup or shopping in person.
DIY Medusa Costume

DIY Medusa Costume


DIY Medusa Costume supplies

Hot glue two snakes onto the headband to start covering it. Glue underneath and over top to really secure it. I didn’t let go until the glue had cooled so that it wouldn’t move when I let go.

hot glue two snakes onto headband

Place four more snakes on top to create a nice base and to cover the headband.

hot glue 4 more snakes onto headband for base

Hot glue two snakes stomach to stomach with the heads pointing up. Try to create a point or a triangle without a bottom. Create two more.

These will become the “points” of the crown.

hot glue two snakes in an upward formation

Hot glue the three points onto the headband with one in the center and one on each side.

hot glue three snake formations on top

Hot glue snakes onto each point to make them stronger.

keep layering snakes onto the formations

Keep gluing until all the snakes have been used and the design is strong enough to hold itself up.

hot glue snakes to give support until all snakes have been used

Spray paint the snake headband from all sides and angles to make it all one color.

spray paint the snake headband to be one color similar to hair

You finished!

DIY Medusa Costume

If you make something using this DIY costume project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

DIY Medusa Costume
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