Bernina Aurora 430 Sewing Machine Review

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I am reviewing the Bernina Aurora 430 sewing machine that I have owned for ten years. It’s a great sewing machine with lots of features.

The first sewing machine I bought was the Bernina Aurora 430 about ten years ago. I was taking sewing classes in college using the Aurora 430, and I was loving everything that I was learning.

The college would rotate out their machines and sell the used machines for a discount so I got on the list so that I could buy one. When one became available, I bought it and have been using it almost daily since!

bernina aurora 430 sewing machine review

As a child I learned how to sew both at school and at home. I used my mom’s mechanical Bernina sewing machine at home and used (I think) computerized Bernina sewing machine’s at school. I was always told that Bernina sewing machines were the best.

Over the years I have sewn on several different brands and types of sewing machines, like quilting machines and industrial machines, so I have a much broader perspective. This Bernina Aurora 430 will always have a special place in my heart since it was my first machine. I hope it’ll last me for a long time!

Here are some articles to help:

Bernina Aurora 430 Sewing Machine Review

I’ve used this machine a lot over the last ten years. I’ve had it cleaned several times, and I’ve had it serviced once. It wasn’t having problems, the machine just told me it was time to get it checked.

The sewing machine has two spool pins, one that is vertical and one that is horizontal. The vertical one can be twisted so it’s facing down, and the horizontal one has a little stopper to keep thread on. This makes it really easy to use twin needles.

The bobbin winder is on the top, and a bobbin can be wound without using the sewing machine pedal. It’s just flicking the button in next to the winder. There’s also a little knife on the button to cut the thread.

I like all the arrows and directions for winding bobbins and for threading the sewing machine. It makes it a lot easier when you are learning to thread or you are teaching someone how to thread a sewing machine.

The option for changing the tension is a dial on the top of the machine above the sewing machine needle. I keep the tension at 4 or the red line, and I never have a problem.

top of bernina sewing machine

There are 9 obvious stitch choices and a buttonhole right on the machine. Then there are 150 other stitches that can be typed in. The other stitches have unique buttonholes, stretch stitches and zigzag stitches, along with a bunch of embroidery stitches.

It’s really fun to see all the options you have with this machine. I honestly have only used a small portion of the stitches available.

You also have a little computer screen that tells you the stitch width and length. The comptuer screen also has little icons that remind you to clean the machine after so many sewing hours and to service the machine after so many stitches. I love having a little reminder.

bernina aurora 430 sewing machine review

This machine lets you control the placement of the sewing machine needle, and it has several positions. I love moving it slightly to get it in the place I want it to be.

One feature that I love that I use all the time is the button with the needle and the up and down arrows. When I change that function the needle will always stop with the sewing machine needle in the thread. I like using that when I have a heavier fabric that can get pulled out of place when I stop.

Another feature that is great for kids or beginners is the speed dial option. When I sew I keep it on a high speed, but when my kids sew they move the dial to the minus sign for low speed. It’s nice to be able to change this when we need.

There’s also a button that ties a knot in the thread when you push it, but I don’t use this as often as I thought I would.

bernina buttons and options

Bernina sewing machine feet come has the whole foot instead of just the bottom. This makes buy feet a little more expensive, but I actually prefer this way of switch out feet.

The sewing machine has a needle threader, and a bobbin case that slides in horizontally. You insert the bobbin the opposite way of a drop in bobbin so you have to remember what kind of machine you are using.

bernina sewing machine foot and bobbin

The side of the sewing machine has a little hidden knife for cutting thread. I use this feature constantly.

I love that this machine has the ability to change the pressure of the sewing machine foot. I do less pressure when sewing jeans and more pressure when sewing lightweight fabrics.

sewing machine foot pressure

On the other side of the machine there’s the hand wheel, the plug for the power and the sewing machine pedal, and the button to drop the feed dogs. It’s hand to drop the feed dogs when you need to, but I don’t do this very often.

bernina hand wheel and plug

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

bernina aurora 430 sewing machine review
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I believe small sewing moments can create great joy. Find your own “right” way to sew. -Heather

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I have a Bernina 215 and just love the way it sews. I have had singer machine for years, liked it, but not to compare with my Bernina.

I have had a Janome for 20 years. It would be a hard sell to get me to switch machines. I love my machine that much. 😁😁😁 There are so many good things about each brand that you really can’t go wrong with any brand out there. Thanks for sharing about you machine.