12 Sewing Clocks for your Sewing Room

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Decorate your sewing room with one of these pretty or funny sewing clocks. They are great gifts for those who love to sew.

I love looking at sewing themed decorations for my sewing room and my home. There are so many fun ideas and I dream about all the different ways I can decorate.

I had so much fun putting a list of sewing clocks together. Some of these sit on shelves, and most of these are wall clocks. Some are carved from wood and some are printed vinyl. A couple of them even have pendulums hanging beneath.

sewing clocks

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12 Sewing Clocks for your Sewing Room

wooden sewing clock

Wooden Sewing Machine Clock

This is a beautiful hand crafted wood sewing machine clock with the phrase “time to quilt.” It sits on a shelf and has a beautiful clock face.

sewing time clock

Sewing Time Clock

Forget the time as you sew with this fun sewing clock. All the numbers have fallen to one side.

sewing machine figure clock

Mini Metal Sewing Machine Desk Clock

Put a little sewing machine clock on your desk. It’s a beautiful little figure with unique details.

Unique Laser Cut Sewing Clock

This clock has nice numbers with lots of sewing images all the way around. It all works together well for a nice look. It says “hand sewn” at the bottom.

Vinyl Sewing Clock

This black vinyl clock is great in it’s simplicity. There’s a sewing machine, pincushion, thread, and measuring tape.

Needle and Thread Sewing Pendulum Wall Clock

The pendulum of this clock is so cute. The clock face is on a big thread spool, and the pendulum is a little pair of scissors.

Personalizable Sewing Clock

Get a colorful sewing clock with a place to personalize the name. It says, “Name’s Sewing Room”.

Ultra Quiet Sewing Room Wall Clock

This clock is simple with just a pretty vintage sewing machine in the background. I love the big numbers to make the time easy to see.

Sewing Machine Pendulum Clock

This pendulum clock also has scissors hanging down below, but it’s under a really fun cartoon looking sewing machine in a bright turquoise color.

Time to Quilt Clock

If you love quilting, you will love this quilt. It says “time to quilt” with a hand needle for one of the clock hands. Some of the numbers are even quilt blocks!

Sewing Wall Clock

This sewing clock works for lots of different hobbies since it says, “beautiful things come together one stitch at a time” in a nice looking font. I love the colorful words against the white background.

I Love Sewing Vinyl Clock

There’s a cute girl sewing on this clock in pink, black, and white. It also says, “I love sewing”.

heather sewing

I believe small sewing moments can create great joy. Find your own “right” way to sew. -Heather

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