How to Sew a Bow Cuff

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I have a really fun tutorial for you today! I’m loving the statement sleeves trend right now: ruffle sleeves, bow sleeves, flared sleeves, etc. I need some that will work with casual mom life, lots of washings, and no worry of the sleeves being dragged through something.

How to Sew Bow Cuffs - Heather Handmade

I came up with these simple bow cuffs that can be used on any cuffed sleeved pattern like sweatshirts or tees. It’s really easy to add to any cuff while you’re constructing it. And it looks amazing peeking out from a layered jacket or cardigan!

If you love sweatshirts, you can make one of these sweatshirt hacks and refashions!

How to Sew Bow Cuffs - Heather Handmade

handmade rain jacket



  1. Cut three cuffs for each arm (cut 6 total).
  2. Fold one cuff in half lengthwise and stitch with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Make the tie big at one side and end with a point on the other side. (I have a weird shape because I wanted a good spot for the knot, but I think a diagonal line would’ve worked just great.) Trim seam allowances.
  3. Do the same to three more cuffs. Turn right sides out. Press all 4 ties.How to Sew Bow Cuffs - Heather Handmade
  4. Lay two ties on top of each other and then onto a cuff. Line up the raw edge of the ties with one raw edge of the cuff, and line up the top of the ties with the center of the cuff.
  5. Fold the cuff in half and match up the raw edges. Make sure the end of the ties are out of the seam allowance. Sew the edge. Do the same for the other cuff. How to Sew Bow Cuffs - Heather Handmade
  6. Put the right side of the cuff (the ties are the right side) on the right side of the sleeve and line up the raw edges. Sew the cuff to the sleeve. Do the same for the other cuff and sleeve.
  7. Tie your bow! I found it easiest to tie when I was wearing it to get the right tightness even though I was tying it with one hand.

How to Sew Bow Cuffs - Heather Handmade

Enjoy your lovely bow sleeves that are mom-friendly!

How to Sew Bow Cuffs - Heather Handmade

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