18 Free Maxi Dress Patterns

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Learn how to make a maxi dress with a free maxi dress pattern. I have gathered a list of free dress patterns to help you sew your next dress.

I have gathered a whole long list of free maxi dress patterns and tutorials to help you find your favorite. You could always use a short dress tutorial and just lengthen it.

There are so many possibilities! What are your favorite free dress patterns?

When maxi dresses first became popular several years ago after a long absence in fashion, I thought it would be a short lived trend. Luckily, it’s still going strong!

free maxi dress sewing patterns

Maxi dress are easy to wear because it’s just one item, they are comfortable (secret pajamas!), and you can protect your legs from the sun.

In this list of easy dress patterns and tutorials you will find some are for knit fabric and some are for woven fabric. Some are maternity maxi dresses and some are easy refashions to make a a maxi dress.

Some of these maxi dresses are sundresses and meant to be worn in the summer. Some of these dresses have sleeves and can be worn when it’s cold.

Some of these maxi dresses are for free printable PDF sewing patterns and some of these maxi dresses are just maxi dress tutorials. They are all versatile and can be used in different ways.

What fabric is best to use for a dress?

For a summer knit dress the best fabric to use is cotton spandex jersey, cotton modal jersey, or bamboo rayon spandex jersey. For a winter knit dress the best fabric is either a sweater knit or French terry.

For a summer woven dress the best fabric is rayon challis or cotton lawn. For a winter woven dress the best fabric is flannel or wool.

diy maxi dress free pattern

What is a PDF sewing pattern?

A PDF pattern is a sewing pattern designed on the computer and organized so that it can be printed on several letter or A4 size pieces of paper.

I love using PDF sewing patterns because if the pattern gets ruined or if my children or I changed sizes, I can always print it again. It’ll never be destroyed since I have a digital version!

How do you use a PDF sewing pattern?

Open the PDF on a computer and click print. When printing make sure that the scaling is set to 100% or no scaling so that the pattern prints at the correct size.

Once the pattern is printed it can be taped together to get the full size. Then the pattern can be cut for each pattern piece size or individual sizes can be traced so that the pattern can be used again and again.

diy maxi dress free pattern

When sewing a knit maxi dress you can use these tips for sewing knit fabric. When sewing a woven maxi dress you can use these tips for sewing lightweight fabrics. There are lots of basic sewing stitches that will help you learn how to sew a dress.

Don’t miss the other list of free dress patterns or this list of free skirt patterns! Do you sew for girls more than women? I also have a list of free dress patterns for girls!

Free Maxi Dress Patterns

Enjoy this list of free maxi dress patterns and tutorials to help you find your favorite summer dress. There are so many easy dresses to sew!

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

19 Free Maxi Dress Patterns // heatherhandmade.com

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Hi where can I find the pattern for the button front teal maxi dress? That’s in the title photo

I love the dress in the bottom right of your top photo (reddish with ruffles) but don’t see that here. Do you have the pattern link?

Number 6 pic isn't showing; just wanted you to know:)

The blog post you have shared is simply awesome. Thanks. The summer season is just around the corner and I think a designer Maxi Dress With Sleeves will be a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. It would be great if anyone can suggest some genuine shopping sites for women’s dresses as I prefer online shopping instead of physical shopping.
Richard M.

I love the dress in the very first picture with the title on it. The short sleeved floral print. Do you have a pattern for that one? I would love to make one, it is stunning!

I don't have a pattern but I have a tutorial, here! https://www.heatherhandmade.com/2012/04/get-ready-for-maxi-dress-week.html with a link to a free shirt pattern I used!

I featured you on my blog here, https://www.heatherhandmade.com/2012/04/maxi-dress-patterns-and-tutorials.html. Have a great day!

Do you live at the U Married Student Housing (Village)? I swear that brick you're standing in front of is from there, but I could be just crazy 🙂

Love this post! Great insight to different styles and techniques 🙂

Love love LOVE the "add a shirt to a skirt…" dress! 🙂

What pattern is the in the first picture there? The blue and white flowered one of you with the baby?

I'm interested in the one in the first picture,where you're holding the baby.. the blue and white flowered one. What pattern is that?

I used a combination of a shirt pattern and a different skirt pattern. You can see how I did it here https://www.heatherhandmade.com/2012/04/maxi-dress-week-day-1-cutting-out.html

Just to clarify – is your dress also made out of a knit fabric? it's beautiful 🙂

Hello Heather! I just loved your blog! Great post! Take a look at my blog http://fashionccraft.blogspot.com

Hey I was excited to see my dresses here! I was just thinking the other day that I need to make more maxi tutorials…I'm sewing them all the time!
Thanks for the links!!
And ps I LOVE your version of the kimono tee. It's really great, I think I need one myself.

I like your pattern you did. Could you mix it up and make it more empire waisted? Would that be easy or hard?
And thanks for gathering up all these great tutorials. They are all so pretty to look at(including yours), but also slightly intimidating. Knits are so hard for me to sew with. They always get sucked into my machine and cause lots of unpicking and ripping out of fabric. Can't decide if it is operator error, or the machine.
Thanks for doing this series. I am excited to sew for me!

There are special sewing machine needles for knits, the yellow ones. Have you looked into that? Also different needles for different weights of fabric.