Free Kids Robe Pattern

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Learn how to make a warm kids robe with a free sewing pattern. This beginner sewing project uses flannel fabric and is a great handmade gift.

My kids have been asking to have their own robes for years. I kept putting it off because I thought they wouldn’t really use them. Well, I designed a kids robe pattern and made a robe for each of my kids, and they use them constantly.

Whenever they are cold, in their pajamas, waking up or going to bed, or getting out of the shower they wear it. They even wear it over their clothes to stay warm around the house on an extra cold day. I love that they use them!

Free Kids Robe Pattern

What fabric should I use to make a kids robe?

I designed this kids robe to be used with woven fabric. I chose flannel since it’s extra warm while still being easy to sew, easy to take care of, and easy to find. Flannel is a great warm fabric for robes and the fabric doesn’t wrinkle as bad as I thought it was going to.

Since the robe was designed to work with woven fabric, it can be used with knit fabric, but the robe will stretch horizontally and feel extra wide with all the extra stretch.

Free Kids Robe Pattern

What sizes does the pattern come in?

The robe pattern comes in child sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. That’s eight sizes so you can find the best fit. The pattern is knee length with a rounded hood and a tie belt.

robe measurements
Free Kids Robe Pattern

What is a PDF sewing pattern?

A PDF pattern is a sewing pattern designed on the computer and organized so that it can be printed on several letter or A4 size pieces of paper.

I love using PDF sewing patterns because if the pattern gets ruined or if my children or I changed sizes, I can always print it again. It’ll never be destroyed since I have a digital version!

How do you use a PDF sewing pattern?

Open the PDF on a computer and click print. When printing make sure that the scaling is set to 100% or no scaling so that the pattern prints at the correct size.

Once the pattern is printed it can be taped together to get the full size. Then the pattern can be cut for each pattern piece size or individual sizes can be traced so that the pattern can be used again and again. Learn how to use PDF sewing patterns.

Free Kids Robe Pattern

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Free Kids Robe Pattern

How to Make a Kids Robe


  • Free kid robe pattern – get it at the end of the post
  • 2-3 yards of flannel fabric (smaller sizes need less fabric and larger fabric need more fabric)
  • Sewing tools
  • Sewing machine

Do you just want the pattern and tutorial as a PDF? Get the pattern and tutorial for just $6. You won’t need to access the internet every time you want to make it. Or get the Pattern Bundle with ALL the PDF tutorials!

kids robe pattern supplies

Cut out these pieces:

  • 1 back on the fold
  • 2 fronts mirrored
  • 2 sleeves on the fold
  • 2 hoods mirrored
  • 2 belts
cut out all the pieces

Match up two short ends of the belt and sew them together. Backstitch when you start and when you stop. Press the seam allowance open.

sew the belt pieces together

Fold the belt like bias binding. Fold the belt in half wrong sides together with the long edges matching and press. Open back up and fold the long edges to meet in the center fold and press. Fold all three folds so that the long edges are enclosed and press.

Open up each side and fold the short end inside 1/4 inch. Then fold all the folds again. All the raw edges are enclosed inside.

Sew around all four edges of the belt 1/8 inch from the edge.

fold and belt like bias binding and press. sew around the edges.

Pin the hood pieces right sides together. Sew the top and the back. Backstitch when you start and when you stop and then finish the edges.

sew the hood pieces together

Pin the shoulder seams right sides together and sew. Backstitch when you start and when you stop and then finish the edges.

sew fronts to back on shoulder seams

Pin the hood to the neckline and sew. Backstitch when you start and when you stop and then finish the edges.

sew hood to neckline

Pin the center of the belt to the center back of the robe (center up and down and center side to side). Sew a 3 inch rectangle to secure the belt to the back of the robe.

sew belt to the cente rback of robe

Pin the sleeves to the shoulders and sew. Backstitch when you start and when you stop and then finish the edges.

sew sleeves into shoulders

Pin the side seams and sleeve underarm seam right sides together and sew. Backstitch when you start and when you stop and then finish the edges.

sew the side seams

The front, sleeve hems, and body hem will be finished with a 1/4 inch double fold hem. You finished!

hem the front, bottom, and sleeves

Get the Free Sewing Pattern here!

Free Kids Robe Pattern

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

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I believe small sewing moments can create great joy. Find your own “right” way to sew. -Heather

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Just starting on this and struggling to find where you mention the seam allowance, I’m just going to do my own thing! Looking forward to putting this together. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Just made this pattern for my 2 kiddos and they (and I) love it!!! It was so easy to download and its a sweet and simple pattern. We had a cold spell forecasted so I doubled the yardage and doubled the pattern to make it a lined flannel robe. Thank you for creating and sharing such a great pattern!!

Hi, is the seam allowance included in the pattern piece or are we to add this on when we cut the pieces out?
Thank you!

I downloaded pattern but having trouble with hood doesn’t fit the neckline what have i done wrong thank you

Just found you by looking up a child’s robe pattern. Thx for designing such a cute pattern. Had no trouble downloading pattern, but have a question about yardage. I get the need to increase yardage for size differences, however there’s no width of material indicated. This makes all the difference.
Thx and I’m now a follower.

I watched your video tutorial and signed up with GROW for the free kids robe pattern but still can’t access the pattern. Not sure why.

I can’t seem to be able to download pdf free pattern for kids robe

Hi, I signed up to subscribe and get the free kids robe pattern, but I still can’t see how to get the pattern?