How to Find Sewing Groups Near Me

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I love using these tips to find sewing groups near me. There’s something so special about meeting people who sew face to face!

One of the amazing things about sewing is that it brings people together of all ages and backgrounds. We share a special love for sewing, creating, patterns, and fabric. I’ve tried lots of different ways to find sewing groups near me, and I hope one of these will help you find a sewist friend virtual or not!

sewing groups near me

Can’t find classes near you? Try one of the best Craftsy sewing classes and learn from home!

Find Sewing Groups Near Me

sewing guild

Look up the American Sewing Guild to find a chapter near you. You do have to pay a yearly fee, but you get access to the local guild and the guild at large. There are lots of resources throught the American Sewing Guild!

If there are no local sewing guild chapters you could think about opening a chapter in your city. You could also look up quilt guilds and see if anyone in those groups would like to have a separate group group for sewing.

local fabric store

sewing night with friends

A local fabric store is a great place to find people that sew. You can take classes to meet other people learning. You can ask the owners when the next event is that you can attend and meet other sewists.

If it’s a quilt fabric shop there still might be apparel sewists who visit, so you should still give it a chance.

Meet Online using Social Media

sewing groups in my area

A great place to start is online with these great sewing Facebook groups. There is where I met most of my online sewing friends. I also have a lot of friends I’ve met from Instagram.

I love what the Love to Sew Podcast recommended when it came to finding sewing groups. They say use a hashtag for your area. Start by typing in a city, county, state, province, or country (depending on the size) and then typing “sews”s. For example, you could use #utahsews or #slcsews. You might have to do some searching to find the one near you, but at least its a place to start.

There’s also the Virtual Sewing Guild that is free to join. There’s lots of resources online with the Virtual Sewing Guild, and it might help you meet someone near you.

Meet up while traveling

sewing meet up

If you travel a lot you can look up the hashtag for the area you are traveling to to find other people that sew. You can look up fabric stores and see if there’s something going on while you’re visiting.

Maybe you only get to meet up one time, but it’s a great way to meet other people that sew!


sewing conference

Look for local sewing or craft conferences! Take the sewing classes and meet the teachers and students. Some of them are bound to live by you. There are a lot of people that attend conferences, so it’s a little overwhelming.

I’ve attended conferences and taught at conferences and I loved getting to know all the attendees. I lot of them are still my friends in person, and some are my friends online since we don’t live near each other.

blog conference

If you find a sewing group using one of these tips, I’d love to hear about it! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

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I have lots & lots of clothing fabrics, mainly for adult females – most color-coordinated for complete outfits. Since I’m no longer able to sew, I’d really like others to be able to take advantage of these – all at $1/yd. Also have some heavy weight fabric that would be great for anyone – same price. Kenmore machine also available.

My wife recently deceased has left me Jack beautiful material and craft tools and high quality sewing machine that sews leather.
if there is any interest contact via email

I’m trying to find a way to sale lots of cloth remnants, my wife was person that loved to sew and she passed away and not I (her husband) doesn’t know what to do with them. Any ideas, would love to sell most of them, thanks for any help. I’m in the Jamestown, NC area.

I always sewed with my mama who taught me to sew and always was there with advice and encouragement. She passed away almost six years ago and I haven’t had the courage to get back to sewing even though I’ve bought patterns and fabric and really love the ability to dress myself according to my whimsical taste. This gives me a great starting point for finding someone(s) to share my love of sewing and boost that courage again! Thanks so much!