Father’s Day Tie Sewing Craft – Simple Embroidered Tie

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Learn how to make a Father’s Day tie sewing craft by embroidering kids handprints on a tie. The right tools make this a quick sewing project.

Do you want a fun gift idea for men that you can sew and that doesn’t take too long? This simple embroidered tie is a quick and easy sewing project, and kids feel like they’re involved since it is their handprint. Immortalize the size of the kids hand on a tie that can be worn over and over again.

This is a great Father’s day tie craft because you get to add kid handprints to a tie. You can use any tie purchased at the store to make it easier, and then you just add some basic embroider or free motion stitches. These ties are great for men that regularly wear ties to work or church.

Father's Day Tie Sewing Craft - Simple Embroidered Tie

What ties will work for this embroidery craft?

Choose a tie that is wide enough for the handprint. You don’t want a skinny tie because they are too skinny. You also want a solid colored tie so that the handprint will show up the best. If you choose a tie with a design, the handprint will blend in.

What thread should I use to embroider a tie?

Ties are made out of silk fabric. To keep the thread similar to the tie fabric, you should use silk or rayon thread. This will keep the fibers similar and make the handprint look the best.

Father's Day Tie Sewing Craft - Simple Embroidered Tie

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Father's Day Tie Sewing Craft - Simple Embroidered Tie

Father’s Day Tie Sewing Craft


  • Men’s solid colored tie – don’t choose a skinny version because you won’t have room for hands
    • I found this black one at the thrift store!
  • Sulky Rayon thread* in a color that contrasts the color of the tie and a color that matches the color of the tie
  • Sulky Tear-Easy Stabilizer*
  • Washable marking tool that works with silk – I like tailor’s chalk* the best
  • Sewing machine
fathers day tie craft supplies

Marking the Tie

Put your kid’s hand on the front of the tie near the main, wider part. Adjust the hand so that all the fingers and palm fit on the tie. Trace the shape of the hand and palm with the marking tool.

The tie is cut and sewn on the bias so the fabric can stretch and distort while you are tracing. Trace slowly and carefully to avoid this problem.

trace hand onto tie with washable tool

Trace more handprints for more kids or grandkids. Fill the front of the tie with handprints, but don’t go too high or the handprints will get lost in the knot.

trace all the hands onto the tie

Cut a piece of the stabilizer just larger than the section of the tie with all the handprints. Place it behind the tie.

place tear-easy stabilizer on the back of the tie

Pin the layers together in multiple places.

pin the tie to the stabilizer

Sewing the Tie

Thread the contrasting color through the sewing machine and needle. Wind the bobbin in the matching color.

Put a free motion foot or embroidery foot in your sewing machine. Drop the feed dogs so you can sew in any direction.

place a free motion or embroidery foot in your sewing machine

Sew around the outline of the hand by free motion stitching and moving the tie as you need. Lock the stitches at the beginning and the end.

carefully sew around the hand outline through all the layers

Sew around each handprint again to make it stand out more. (Lock the stitches again!) Trim your threads.

Embroider the other handprints in the same way.

sew all the handprints and lock each stitch

Carefully tear away the stabilizer from the back of the tie.

carefully rip away the stabilizer

It gets tricky in the small sections so just be careful and maybe use tweezers for the tiniest sections.

rip off all the tiny pieces of stabilizer

Carefully press the tie. If you are worried about the heat and steam on your tie, then use a press cloth to protect it.

press the tie carefully and removed the marking

You finished!

Father's Day Tie Sewing Craft - Simple Embroidered Tie

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

Father's Day Tie Sewing Craft - Simple Embroidered Tie
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