How to Topstitch

Topstitching is a decorative stitch on the face of the fabric. Even, straight topstitching makes homemade sewing look more proffessional. Topstitching is done 1/4″ from the seam.
I use the #1 foot and follow the edge which is 1/4″ away. Make sure you sew on the top so that you can see where you’re sewing. I also like to do this with my bobbin thread, so it doesn’t show.

How to Topstitch

I sew at regulation stitch length.

How to Topstitch

Ta-da. It’s that easy, but really improves the look of a garment. This stitch can also be done 1/4″ from the edge of clothing like a vest or jacket. Happy topstitching!

How to Topstitch
Here are some examples of topstitching. Most topstitching done is on garments that also have edgestitching (to learn about edgestitching). They can go together without looking out of place. The most common place that topstiching is found is on men’s shirts. This is a shirt I made my husband.
How to Topstitch

Another place it’s found is on jackets like this one I made.

How to Topstitch

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Thanks for posting the examples! 🙂 They helped!

This come in perfect time, because I've noticed how you always do edgestiching or topstiching on the baby shoes and decided to try to do the same. Now I know how. Thanks!

I really like these tutorials because I'm not a very confident seamstress. When you do the tutorials, can you show examples of something you've already done this on? Like if you have a vest you've done topstitching on, can you show it to us? It would help me see better how it would look on a finished product. Thanks Heather!

Topstitching is great I use it always because I don't have a serger:-)
Thanks Heather!!!