Sewing for Charity: Donate your Time and Skills

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Sewing for charity is a great way to donate time and skills. Get inspired to sew for these charities with beginner and easy sewing projects.

I often lose sewing motivation when I don’t know what to sew. Sometimes I want to sew, but I don’t need anything. Without a need to fill, sewing loses a little bit of it’s appeal.

Well, you have an amazing skill of knowing how to sew, even if you are still a beginner, and you can use that amazing skill to donate your time and skills by sewing for charity. Sewing for charity always gives me the motivation to sew!

sewing for charity

Before You Start

I have pulled a list together of charities that are taking handmade, sewing donations, but this is not an all-inclusive list. Some of these charities will pause their donations or only ask for money, and some of these charities will change what they are looking for.

Get ideas for donations at This is a website that anyone can put up their organizations service opportunities. To look for sewing opportunities look for “virtual” or “sewing”.

Other places near you that would appreciate donations:

  • women’s shelters – women’s shelters might ask for blankets or handmade stuff animals, but I’ve also seen them ask for money, food, and diapers.
  • animal shelters – animal shelters might ask for blankets, beds, and towels for the animals.
  • refugee centers – refugee centers might ask for home goods to help refugees set up their new home. A refugee center near me asks for women to teach refugees how to sew.
  • senior centers – senior centers might ask for fidget quilts to help their seniors.
  • schools near you – Title I schools near you might ask for backpacks or drawstring bags to give their students.

Questions To Ask

Do you take handmade items?

There are a lot of charities out there, and many of them take handmade items. Check with them first to know what kind of items they want or need. Some charities switch between different items or pause donations every once in awhile.

What is most helpful?

Even if charities take handmade items, it might be a time when they need money or time donated. Find out what they are most in need of so you can give the most help.

Do you have a pattern you want me to use?

A majority of the charities I looked at had free patterns to download from their website. They wanted a specific item made and provided the pattern to make that item. Check with them before you make anything.

How would you like it delivered?

Some charities don’t have the time to process all the incoming physical goods. This is especially true during natural disasters when the volunteers time is so limited to helping with the disaster. Check with the charity about delivery before you send i, so that you know it will go where and when it’s needed.

Sewing for Charity

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