DIY Wood Bead Ornament

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Learn how to make a DIY wood bead ornament for a simple Christmas decoration. This Christmas craft is easy but it makes a statement.

I have always loved the simplicity of wood to decorate my home. I especially love it during the holidays when there is so much competing for my attention. Wood is beautiful, simple, and calm.

I had some wood beads that I wanted to make into ornaments so I figured out how to put it together. I added a tassel to the bottom to a string of beads, but you can also make a wreath, star, or tree shape. Some of them even have felt balls to switch up the colors and texture.

DIY Wood Bead Ornament

I made a lot so that I could have several all over my tree. I love the simple wood look, but if you want more color you can paint the beads before making the ornaments.

DIY Wood Bead Ornament

What beads should I use for these ornaments?

I used wood beads with a bigger hole in the center to make it easier to string them. Make sure you get an assortment of sizes to keep your shape designs open.

I kept my wood beads unfinished because I liked that look best. I used a jute string for the wood bead ornaments, and I used a think sewing machine thread for the felt ball and wood bead ornaments.

DIY Wood Bead Ornament

I love the mix of wood and felt. They contrast each other nicely. I had some pretty pink and mint felt balls for these ornaments, but you can choose any color that you love!

DIY Wood Bead Ornament

Do you love to create? Try of of these fun projects:

DIY Wood Bead Ornament

DIY Wood Bead Ornament


DIY Wood Bead Ornament supplies

Lay out the beads and optional felt balls in the shape and pattern that you want. There are so many ideas and options for ornament designs.

lay out beads in pattern

All Wood Bead Ornament

Cut a piece of jute string about 18 inches long. Thread the jute string through the yarn needle. Thread the jute string through the tassel.

thread string through tassel

Pull the needle off of the jute string. Put the two ends together and thread them through one bead that will sit right on top of the tassel.

thread both ends through a bead

Thread the two ends through the rest of the beads.

add all the beads to the ornament

Push the beads down so they are snug. Tie a knot at the top to hold the beads in place.

tie a knot at the top

Tie another knot 3 inches up to create a loop. Cut the ends of the jute string off just above the knot.

tie a knot and leave loop, trim extra string off

Make lots of wood bead ornaments. You finished!

DIY Wood Bead Ornament

Wood Bead and Felt Ball Ornament

Cut a piece of thread 18 inches long. Thread one end through a wood bead. Combine the two ends and thread them through the hand needle.

place bottom bead through one string

Thread the needle through the felt balls and wood beads in the pattern and design that you want.

push double string through other beads and felt balls

Push the beads and balls down so they are snug. Loop the needle around the top bead again to keep the beads in place.

loop thread around top bead

Thread the needle through the second bead or ball down and come out the side. Only pull the end so that most of the thread is above the top bead to create a loop.

pull end of string through second bead

Tie the excess at the top into a knot just above the top bead to create the loop. Cut the excess thread off.

tie remaining thread at top in knot leaving a loop

Make lots of wood bead ornaments. You finished!

DIY Wood Bead Ornament

If you make something using this DIY ornament, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

DIY Wood Bead Ornament

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