Butterfly Heart Applique Tutorial

I decided to make myself a very subtle Valentine’s sweatshirt that I  could wear anytime of the year without it screaming holiday attire.

I was inspired by butterflies in the shape of a heart, so I decided to make a butterfly heart applique.

I loved the idea of the butterflies looking and moving like real  butterflies, so I didn’t want them to be fully attached or ironed on. I  wanted the wings to have lots of movement.


– Sweatshirt or tee – Knit fabric – Cricut Maker – Interfacing – Snaps and snap tool – Sewing supplies


Gather all your supplies. Cut out all your butterflies. I cut 3 inch butterflies from the dark gray French terry, rib knit, and lace.


I cut 2 inch butterflies from the striped jersey. I cut ten to twenty butterflies of each color. I created a free public file of my butterflies on Design Space that you can use.


It’s basically four different colors and layers of butterflies. 3 of the  butterfly layers are the same size and 1 layer is smaller with more  butterflies.

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