14 Stunning Coat Refashions

Get inspired by these stunning coat refashions to make your own  unique winter coat. You can make a gorgeous coat from another coat or  some other fabric entirely!

This post is full of tutorials and coats you can purchase that are refashioned and upcycled.

You’ll never guess all the items that make up these gorgeous, reimagined coats.

Hudson's Bay Wool Coat Refashion

Turn an iconic coat into something that will still be worn. Use sherpa to cover all the worn out parts.

Tasseled Khaki Jacket DIY Refashion

The jacket had some potential with all the lovely details, but adding some tassels and ruffles made it gorgeous!

Image Credit: www.sewmuchlovemary.com

Blanket to Coat Refashion

This gorgeous coat was made out of a wool blanket. The color is beautiful along with all the stitching details!

Image Credit: www.etsy.com

Texture Sherpa Block Coat

This refashion is so simple, and I wish I would of thought of it. This is an easy statement coat!

Image Credit: mesewcrazy.com

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