DIY Reusable Water Balloons

Learn how to make DIY reusable water balloons using sponges and scraps of fleece fabric. It’s a quick summer sewing project that is fun to play with!

It’s getting to the hottest part of the summer, and we’re running out of things to do. My kids love playing with water, but they wanted a different water activity.

I figured out a way to sew the quickest DIY splash balls or reusable water balloons with sponges and scraps of fleece fabric.


– art sponges, kitchen sponges, or old towels, etc. – scraps of fleece fabric  – sewing tools – sewing machine


Measure your filling or sponge. Measure the height also. Add seam allowance and cut out your circles. I made my circles a little extra big so it would be easier to sew.


You’ll need two circles for each reusable water balloon. Place a circle right side down. Place the sponge or filling on top.


Place a second circle on the top and clip the edges together all the way around. Sew around the edge of the circle with either a zigzag and a sewing machine or a serger.

I found the serger to be a little bit faster, but both methods work well and are strong.

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