DIY Knit Headband Tutorial

Learn how to make a DIY knit headband with scraps of knit fabric! It’s a great beginner sewing project that makes a really cute handmade accessory!

This sewing project is a great way to use up knit fabric scraps or to upcycle t-shirts or knit dresses. You can make tons of DIY knit headbands in a short amount of time.

– Knit fabric scraps – Measuring tape – Sewing tools – Sewing machine – OIptional: serger


Measure your head with a measuring tape from the base of the skull up around the top of the head. Add 4 inches.


Cut a rectangle that is the length of the measurement by 4 inches tall.


If your scraps of knit fabric are small, you can cut two rectangles with an extra 1 inch added for seam allowance.


If you use a t-shirt or a dress, it is okay to cut through a seam. Just make sure the seam is in the middle so that it’ll be on the back of the headband.


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