DIY Convertible Towel Bag

I love summertime and being in and around the water. I’m usually carrying so much stuff that I make my kids carry their own towels.

They often drop it or drag it in the dirt even when I’m warning them to be careful. I added a convertible towel bag to their beach towels to making carrying their towel so much easier!

I came up with this idea to help him when he was riding his bike, help my daughters keep their towels out of the dirt, and I can carry so much more when my towel is on my back!


– hand towel – beach towel – drawstring, cording, etc. – sewing tools – sewing machine – optional: snaps


Cut what you are going to use for straps just longer than the width of the towel. If it frays easily then finish the edges or tie knots at each raw edge.


Fold the strap over the edge of the towel and clip it in place. It should be the same length as the width of the towel. Tack each end of the strap in place.


Place the right side of the hand towel (the side with the straps) onto the back of the beach towel. Line up one long edge of the hand towel with the short end of the beach towel.


Pin the hand towel in place. Sew around the edge of the hand towel.

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