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Wool Jersey Union St Tee: Making it Work with One Yard

Sometimes the basics are the ones that get the most worn. But I often feel like basics are too basic to share. Who would be interested in a solid tee shirt? I don’t feel like they are interesting enough and nobody would really want to read about them. But I know that I always enjoy reading about everyone else’s basics. As stunning as the showstoppers are, the basics are the workhorses and it helps me know what to make when I see real-life basics. Tee shirts have always been a basic for me, so when Hey June Patterns updated the Union St Tee which I have used plenty of times I knew I needed to try it out. I don’t think the sewing pattern recommends using jersey, but I used a wool jersey and it is drapey enough to work for the Union St Tee. I love my new basic wool jersey Union St Tee!

Wool Jersey Union St Tee // HeatherHandmade.com

I used a navy wool jersey knit that I bought at The Fabric Store in LA when I was there for my husband’s business trip. I’ve never worked with wool jersey before so it was fun to try something new. It drapes like rayon, it’s thicker like cotton spandex, but it has a lot of texture. The fuzzy almost scratchy fibers of wool can be slightly felt when you touch the fabric. I had never sewn with wool jersey before so I brushed up on my sewing knits skills. When I first bought it I didn’t know what I was going to do with it so I only bought 1 yard. I thought I could make a tee with it, but I didn’t realize at the time I would want to make a long sleeved tee. Once I was home and trying to cut out a long sleeved tee out of 1 yard I ran into a problem. I didn’t have enough! I did some careful cutting (I seem to do that all the time!) and was able to cut everything out. The sleeves were only 3/4 length so I took the extra fabric and made extra tall cuffs to make the sleeves long enough. I actually really like the cuff detail, and I’m happy with the resulting look. These 16 tips for sewing knits really helped me sew this fabric.

Wool Jersey Union St Tee // HeatherHandmade.com

The Union St Tee sewing pattern was altered to be the perfect, slouchy tee. The Union St Tee pattern is drafted well, and the instructions are easy to understand. I made a small Union St Tee this time. It fits my measurements really closely. I’m just a little taller than what the pattern is drafted for so I added 1″ at the waist. As I make more and more Hey June patterns I’m starting to realize that I do need height at the waist, but then it always seems a little too long. It’s like I need the 1″ added at the waist and then 1″ removed from the hem. I will probably go back and removed an inch and redo the hem. I did the scoop neck and long sleeves.

Learn how to sew a neckband.

Wool Jersey Union St Tee // HeatherHandmade.com

I used Heat n Bond Soft Stretch on the hems like I always do. It’s the only way to get a good hem especially on loose fit tees. It really has made me enjoy sewing knits again. It also helps that I didn’t have to hem the sleeves. I find I have more trouble with sleeves than with shirt hems.

Wool Jersey Union St Tee // HeatherHandmade.com

What is your favorite basic pattern that you wear all the time?

(Save the wool scraps to make wool felt balls!)

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