10 Ways to Sew a Scarf

Learn how to sew a scarf in lots of different ways. Choose your favorite method for a warm and fun beginner sewing project.

Some of these scarves are small and lightweight, perfect for hot summer days. Some of these scarves are big and warm, perfect for cold winter days. There are so many fun options for sewing a scarf!

Learn how to make a scarf with a simple rectangle design. This shape works for lightweight, cooler fabrics or warmer fabrics that have some drape.

Rectangle Design Scarf 

Triangle Scarf

Learn how to make a triangle scarf with just a yard of fabric and some tassels or pompoms. This is a great beginner sewing project that makes the perfect gift!

Blanket Scarf

Learn how to make a blanket scarf with plaid flannel fabric that is perfect for gifts. This scarf has minimal sewing and a lot of fraying.

Silk Scarf

Learn how to make a silk scarf with lightweight fabric. This beginner sewing project is a great way to practice sewing silk and sewing hems.

Silk Hair Scarf

Use upcycled silk to make a DIY hair accessory! The silk hair scarf is a fun, beginner sewing project that is versatile and pretty.

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