Upcycled Jeans Fabric Basket

Learn how to make an upcycled jeans fabric basket using the hems cut off of jeans. These small diy fabric baskets are perfect for organizing drawers!

These little baskets are great for organizing small things and they are small enough to fit in drawers.

The hem is great because you don’t have to sew your own hem, and it makes the top stiff enough to hold up the edge.


– Bottom part of jeans with the hem – Scraps of denim or canvas – I used a scrap of canvas and some denim from the jeans – Sewing tools – Sewing machine


Cut the bottom part of the pants 4 inches from the hem. Spread out the raw edges of the tube to see what the circumference of the circle is. I did a 4 inch diameter circle.


Add seam allowance around the circle size. Cut a piece of canvas or denim fabric to the size of the circle with seam allowance.


I did both canvas and some of the leftover denim. With right sides together pin the circle to the raw edge of the pants tube.

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