DIY Upcycled T-Shirt Backpack

Learn how to upcycle a t-shirt into a backpack. This is a great beginner sewing project to make a simple backpack!

It’s so fun to see them carrying around their toys and books. And here’s a sewing tutorial to make the simplest, easiest backpack ever from an adult tee!

SUPPLIES – Adult T-shirt – Sewing supplies – Sewing machine

Lay the shirt out flat with the neckband at the top. Cut a rectangle around the neckband and shoulders that is 14 inch by 14 inch leaving the shoulder seams and neckband intact.

Cut out two long rectangles from the sleeves with one long side reusing the hem.

Cut the hem off of the bottom of the shirt. Cut it at a side seam to create one long piece instead of a loop.

Open the t-shirt so that you are looking at it from the wrong side. Fold the two short ends of the sleeve rectangles under 1/2 inch.

Sew around the pockets starting at a short side, down along the bottom long side, and then back up the other short side. Backstitch when you start and when you stop.

Find the center of the pocket. Sew a stitch down the center of the pocket to create to side by side pockets and backstitch when you start and when you stop.

Use a safety pin to thread the hem strap through the slits and around the neckband.

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