Upcycled DIY Sunglasses Case

Learn how to make a DIY sunglasses case by upcycling a sleeve or  pair of leggings. Reuse the hem for fast sewing and a scrap of fleece for cushion.

I’ve gotten to the point where basically if I’m outside, I’m wearing  sunglasses. I love having a pair of cheap sunglasses in my car, in my  purse, and near the front door.

I made an easy DIY sunglasses case by upcycling the sleeve of a t-shirt. If my kids get holes or stains on their sleeves I cut them into short sleeves.


– Bottom half of sleeves or pant legs – Sunglasses – Small piece of felt, fleece, or batting – Snaps, buttons, or velcro – Sewing tools – Sewing machine


Lay the sunglasses over the sleeves and cut both of the sleeves 1.5 inches longer than the sunglasses.


Cut a piece of fleece the same size as the case (as if it was opened up) and add a small seam allowance to the sides. Cut the fleece 1/2 inch shorter.


Fold the piece of fleece in half  and sew one side to make a tube. The side you sew will line up with the original seam of the sleeve.

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