Upcycled DIY Bike Bag

Learn how to make a DIY bike bag by upcycling the leg of a pair of  pants. This sewing project is quick and easy, and it holds all the  essentials on your bike!

With a little bit of sewing, I upcycled the leg of a pair of jeans into  an easy DIY bike bag that snaps onto the handlebar of a bike.

– pants leg – twill ribbon – plastic snaps and snap setter – sewing tools



The hem of the pants will become the top part of the bag that opens. Cut  throught the pant leg how tall you want the bag to be. For a medium  sized bike 8 inches tall is good.


Turn the pant leg right side in.  Match up the bottom cut edge and pin. Make sure that the side seams lie  flat when you pin instead of being on the fold.


Sew across the bottom with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Finish the edge. Cut a piece of ribbon 7 inches long. Cut two per bike bag.

Pin the strap on each side of the bike bag. I measure the handbar of the bikes before pinning.


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