Toothbrush Travel Organizer Roll

Learn how to make a DIY toothbrush roll bag for traveling with a hand towel and a ribbon. Organize your hygiene items with this simple sewing project!

We’ve filled up the roll bag up with toothbrushes and toothpaste, and it worked great. We’ve also filled it with hair supplies, and it also worked great. The pockets were big enough to fit pretty much anything we needed to bring.

– Hand towel – Ribbon – Sewing tools – Sewing machine



Cut the ribbon into two pieces 12 inches long. Cut one of each side at an angle to prevent fraying.

The hand towel will eventually be folded up so that one long edge is 3 inches away from the other long edge. The two ribbon pieces will need to be placed between the two layers or about 4 inches from one long edge.



Sew around the edge of the ribbon pieces in a rectangle to secure. Add a row of zigzag stitches to the raw edge.

Fold the long edge farthest away from the ribbon up towards the other long edge. Pin it so that there is 3 inches uncovered at the top.


Pin each short side so that the edges match. Pin a vertical line every 3 inch across the towel to create pockets.


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