Tips to Sew French Terry Fabric

French terry is a great fabric to sew and wear, and it comes in  lots of weights and fibers. Learn how to sew French terry fabric and how  to care for it.

One of my favorite fabrics to sew and wear is French terry. When I first  heard about it years ago I thought everyone was talking about fabric used for towels.

Now that I know more and have used lots of different kinds, I can teach you tips to sew French terry!

What is French Terry?

French terry is a knit fabric and not a woven fabric. The front of the fabric is a single knit jersey.

What is the difference between French Terry and Fleece?

Polar fleece is 100% polyester. Both sides are a fuzzy and almost have a brushed look. It is very warm and holds in heat.

How do you wash French Terry?

Follow the directions for care for the fabric. I like to wash my fabric the way I would wash it after wearing it.


– Use a ballpoint sewing machine needle. – Use a stretch stitch. – Don’t push or pull the fabric when sewing.

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