DIY Felt Leaf Placemats

Learn how to make DIY felt leaf placemats with a double layer of felt in the shape of a maple leaf. This fall sewing project is a great table decoration.

To remember the fun of colorful fall leaves and the sounds they make, I made these pretty felt leaf placemats. These have two layers of felt to make them substantial and strong.

– 12 inches x 18 inches of felt for each ONE side of a placemat – Sewing tools – Sewing machine



Fold one piece of felt in half so the short sides are matching up. Trace out a maple leaf shape with a marking tool.

Keep the felt folded and carefully cut out the leaf. Cutting it while it’s folded will create a perfectly symmetrical leaf.



Cut out all the leaf shapes you will be using from the felt. Each placemat needs two felt leaves.

Put all the pairs of colors together. I mixed mine up for different and unique placemats.



Place two leaves together and pin or clip. Sew them together by sewing leave veins. Use a bright contrasting thread for a fun look.

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