Sewing Techniques for Stylish Hanging Dish Towels

Learn how to sew a hanging dish towels that can’t be pulled off. It’s perfect if you have kids or pets, and it makes a great gift!

I love my kids, but they just won’t hang the dish towels back up. They pull it off and leave it on the counter or floor. We just moved and needed new dish towels so I decided to make one that will hopefully stay on!

These do take longer to put on a rod or oven handle than a regular towel because you have to do the snaps, but they stay on really well!

– Non-directional quilting cotton fabric – Sewing Supplies – Sewing machine



Get your fabric. Trim the selvage off.

Fold in half with right sides together so that the short ends are together. Sew the long edges together at 1/4″ seam allowance. Turn right side out.



Fold the short unfinished edge over 3/8″ and baste. Separate the two pieces of the snap tape, and measure the length needed for the snap tape. 

Pin the snap tape over the folded raw short edge to cover the raw edge. Tuck the edges of the snap tape underneath to enclose the raw edges.


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