How to Sew a Washcloth

Learn how to sew a washcloth by cutting up a hand towel. This  beginner sewing project is great for saving money and the environment.

I finished the edges of the washcloth in five different ways to see  which way I like best. Learn the good and the bad about each method so  that you can make your own washcloths!

– hand towel with small stains or holes – bias binding – sewing tools – sewing machine



Cut all the edges and hems off of the towel. With the remaining fabric cut 4 to 5 squares.


I cut out 5 squares that measured 7 inches by 7 inches.


That’s a little smaller than average for a washcloth, but I was making the most of the towel.


I finished my five washcloths in five different ways: two with bias binding, two with zigzag stitches, and one with a serger.

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