How to Fix a Zipper: Replace Zipper Pull & Replace Zipper Stops

Zippers are a such great fastener. The work for so many things like backpacks, dresses, jackets, jeans, etc. They can be long or short, any color, and some are even decorative.

Zippers are usually pretty sturdy and can hold up to a lot of use and pressure, but every once in awhile they break or the zipper pull comes off. Here are a couple of different ways to fix different kinds of zippers.

– Small needle nosed pliers – Small nippers tool – Zipper repair kit – Marking tool



To fix a metal zipper you need a metal zipper repair kit. If the zipper pull is broken but still on the zipper, then cut off the bottom zipper stop with either scissors or the nippers.

Put the new zipper pull on. Get a bottom zipper stop, the one with the flat piece and four prongs. Push it through the zipper tape at the bottom of the zipper teeth.



The prongs will come through the fabric to the back of the zipper. Fold all the prongs down to secure the zipper stop to the bottom of the zipper.

To shorten the zipper, cut the zipper teeth with the nippers from the top of the zipper.



Put a “U” shaped stop right above the zipper teeth.

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