How to Refashion a T-Shirt That is Too Small

Learn how to refashion a  t-shirt that is too small by removing your favorite graphic and putting it onto a larger t-shirt or shirt.

I decided to do something about it so that I would wear these  t-shirts that I love. I refashioned these t-shirts that were too small into bigger t-shirts, and now I can’t wait to wear them!

– T-shirt – Lightweight tricot fusible interfacing – Sewing tools – Sewing machine



Cut out a piece of the fusible tricot interfacing that is bigger than the graphic you want to cut out.


Turn the t-shirt right side in. Use a marking tool to mark the edges of the graphic on the inside of the t-shirt so that you know the general shape and size.


Turn the t-shirt right side out. Use a marking tool to draw out the shape you want to cut out. Make sure the shape is centered over the graphic.

Cut out the graphic in the shape that you want. Pin the graphic onto the larger t-shirt making sure that it’s centered and in the right place.


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