Trying Punch Needle and Punch Needle Kits

I tried punch needles for the first time with different punch needle kits. Learn about what it is, what I liked, and what else I want to make.

I found that I loved punch needling after making three different kits, and I love decorating my home with them. Let’s dive into everything about  punch-needling.

– Yarn – Monk cloth fabric – Embroidery hoop – Punch needle tool



Begin by threading the yarn through the punch needle tool and through the eye. Once the yarn is threaded, you can begin punching loops of yarn onto the fabric surface.


To create a loop, simply insert the punch needle tool into the fabric and push down. The yarn will be pulled through the fabric and create a loop. The pressure of the fabric will keep the loop in place.


Keep creating loops to outline the part of the design you are working on. Once outlined, go around to fill in that section. When you are done with a section, trim the yarn close to the fabric.

This design would be great for beginners since there's only a few amount of colors, and each shape is large and simple.

Mountain Mini Punch Needle Kit

Punch Needle Kit


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