How to Make a Scarf

Learn how to make a scarf with a simple rectangle design. This  shape works for lightweight cooler fabric or warmer fabric that has some  drape.

I love chiffon fabric in a beautiful, colorful print or a soft plaid  flannel with a beautiful this border print I found.

A border print will work really well for this type of scarf because it  will give a ready-to-wear look. All of these colors are my favorite  colors and match everything in my wardrobe.


– lightweight chiffon or challis fabric – sewing tools – sewing machine


Start by ripping one edge of the fabric from selvedge to selvedge to get a straight line. Then rip the other edge to get a straight line.


You want your rectangle to be the full width of the fabric (hopefully about 50 inches wide or wider) by 30 to 36 inches. 


If the selvedge has a nice tiny fringe or some other nice edge leave these as the short edges. Sew a small double fold hem or rolled hem on the long edges.

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