How to Make a One Piece Into a Tankini

Learn how to make a one-piece into a tankini. This refashion project is great for a one-piece swimsuit that is too short or long in the torso.

I wanted a cropped tankini style, which meant I couldn’t save the bottom part, but I’ll show you how if that is what you want.

– One piece swimsuit – Sewing tools – Sewing machine



Mark where you want the bottoms to end and where you want the top to end. Remember that you’ll need hem allowance on both ends, so that will change what you are able to do.


I cut both of my one-piece swimsuits right above the leg openings because I wanted a cropped tankini with a 1 inch hem allowance.


Sew each side seam from the waist straight down with a zigzag stitch or a serger.

If you are hemming, fold up the bottom the amount you decided on and pin in place. Sew the hem with a zigzag stitch to secure it.


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