Lips Welt Pocket Tutorial

Learn how to make a lips shaped welt pocket with this fun sewing tutorial. It’s a fun Valentine’s day sewing project!

The best part of sewing is making unique and fun sewing projects. I made  a playful skirt with Kiss Me Kate lips fabric and added a lip welt  pocket with a free sewing pattern!

This lips welt pocket tutorial makes adding a pocket to your sewing project easy!


– Sewing tools – Lip colored fabric – Free lip pocket sewing pattern


Cut out the lips from quilting cotton in a lips color. Transfer the line onto the fabric. Cut out a piece of lips from interfacing and apply it to the back of the fabric lips.


Cut out a pocket and transfer the pocket lines. My lips are on an angle so the lines on my pocket are on an angle.


If you want to do a straight pocket then rotate the line and rectangle to be parallel with the edges. Cut out one more pocket and don’t transfer the pocket lines.

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